Someone To Watch Over Me

If you read my blog regularly, which incidentally is not recommended, you’ll discover that I like to use song titles or lyrics as blog titles.  Not only is Someone to Watch Over Me a song, it’s a completely awful play.

I work in an old building that can best be described as a “fixer upper”.   Things break in ways that one would never imagine possible.  We often resort to gallows humor at work to cope with the strange things that happen there.  Really, when I hear the new things that are going on, I can only laugh.

So, I was recently tipped off to a bizarre situation that could only ever occur where I work.  I had to take pictures.  Really, no one would believe me without photographic evidence.  In fact, you may not believe me with the photographic evidence because it’s as bad as the “evidence” on those ghost hunter shows (you know, where they swear the lights in the pictures are ghosts when they’re clearly reflections off objects, or in old photography, errors/artifacts caused during developing).  But stick with me.

This is a surveillance camera globe.

comically outdated security camera

This is a close up of the camera globe.

dead mouse in the camera globe

I know. I could tell you it is anything. Between the glare off the globe and the truly sad scratch marks presumably left by the sad, dead little mouse you can’t see anything.

another close up

Here’s the mouse from an alternate angle.  I’m sure  I could make this into something funny.  Like say this is some karmic retribution for pooping in one of my desk drawers (assuming that this is the same mouse that pooped in my drawer).  Or making a “big brother is watching” type pun (but I already sort of did that with the title of this blog).  But for me, the dead mouse, and the terrible pictures of the mouse kind of say it all.  This little scene is all too appropriate and kind of sums up what it’s like to work there.


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