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Life’s a Beach

This summer, I spent some time on some local beaches looking for beach glass.

After bleaching it (to kill germs), rinsing it, sorting it, and drilling some pieces, I got bored and set it aside.

Recently, I spent some time working with some of the pieces and here’s a few things I came up with.

The chain is a sterling silver chain I had.  I used some aluminum jump rings and a bead I had lying around to “finish” my pendant.

Drilling, by the way, is tedious.  I got a diamond bit for mothers’ day for this purpose.  Also, even with the proper tools, some pieces are just going to crack.  My favorite pieces are cobalt blue.  They are very hard to find, and generally very small.  I desperately wanted to use a few pieces as accents to some of my chainmaille.  Naturally, they cracked.

To drill, I place the glass on a sponge in a glass dish with water at the bottom.  You have to go slowly. You have to back the bit out even more slowly.

This piece was so interesting, I didn’t want to add any embellishments that might detract from the glass.  It’s lovely and chunky.  I made my own copper jump ring to use in place of a bail and strung it on lovely brown leather.

I used silver craft wire to wrap this piece of beach glass.  I made another pendant like this and turned it into a keychain.  The wire wrapping took quite a while, I’m going to have to practice wrapping more.

While I was working on these things, I also decided to make a ribbon necklace for a pendant I’d purchased. I”m not sure if I’ll keep it.

I cut two equal lengths of 1″ hot pink ribbon and 1/4″ link pink ribbon, which was twice as long as the hot pink ribbon.  Then I wrapped the hot pink ribbon with the light pink ribbon.  I purposely tried to keep the wrapping irregular but then I’m not sure I like the results.  Hmmm.  Maybe it’ll grow on me.  If not, well that’s ok too, I’ll just make something else.  I have some lovely silver cord.

Right now I’m working on this:

It’s a piece of beach glass I drilled.  Again, I’m using an aluminum jump ring in place of a bail.  I attached two pearlized beads to the bail with fine copper craft wire.  I’m stringing on beading wire.  I used a round nose/flat nose pair of pliers to make the coils (for bead spacers) out of the copper craft wire. I may continue the coil/bead pattern for the whole necklace or just have a few small segments.  I haven’t decided yet.  I’m afraid that if I bead the whole thing, it’ll overpower the pendant.

It’s been so nice to spend some time making jewelry.  I haven’t made anything in months.  I have so many projects half started.  I’m hoping to get several more done before my vacation time is over.  If I’m really lucky, I’ll get to some of the sewing I’ve been meaning to do.


Ingredients for a Great Christmas Day

  • No visitors (we took care of all that yesterday).
  • No cooking or cleaning (other than normal stuff that comes with 3 kids a dog and a cat)
  • A good long run
  • A nice hot shower
  • Brand new Hello kitty pajamas with lovely, fluffy bottoms (I think my neighbors may have taken up a collection to buy me pajamas so they don’t have to see my naked, pasty body walking around in my house.  or maybe my kids did that)

one of my Hello Kitty clad legs

  • My kitty (who, if she had a bow and no mouth, would look an awful lot like Hello Kitty)

My live action Hello Kitty

  • All 5 Volumes of The Devil’s Panties (0-4), and they’re flipping signed!!!!!! All 5 are signed!

Volume 1

Inside cover of volume 1

I wonder how long I can sit here in my new pajamas and read books.  If only I had Depends I could sit for an awfully long time.


I Didn’t Go Anywhere, But I Want to Live Deliberately

It’s a little after midnight on Christmas.  The kids are asleep, the husband’s in bed; even the dog and the cat are curled up on the floor snoozing. I’m not ready to go to bed yet, I just need to unwind.

My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve.  And we have three sets of “family” that we see. All on Christmas Eve.

We started Christmas at 11 am this morning.  We finished at 9 pm this evening.  Well, actually, I finished putting the gifts in the stockings about an hour ago.  I figure I have about 5 hours before I’m woken up to start opening those.

Christmas is like a cyclone for me.  A week of cooking and cleaning (a little more for the cookies that are made ahead, frozen, and then defrosted), then a day of cooking, serving, cleaning, packaging excess food to send home with guests, more cleaning, recycling, putting things away, more cleaning, and spending almost no time with the people that are at these gatherings, then another entire day cleaning the house again.

It just seems like the most important part is the part that I spend the least amount of time on.  Yes, it’s nice to get presents, but I’m tired of gift cards.  I don’t need fattening foods and candy.  You know what I’d really like?  A nap.  A gathering where I don’t have to put up with a sister-in-law trying to make people feel bad or create other conflict.  Real time with my nieces and nephews, who I love.  Less time unwrapping (and then feeling horrible about all the wasted paper and boxes and envelopes and etc that I a creating) gifts that aren’t necessary, even when they are very nice.  More time actively participating in an activity with my parents and my grandmother.  Time remembering how lucky we are to have each other, even when we don’t always like each other.

And as I write this, I’m looking at the mountain of toys my kids received today.  And the mountain of presents from Santa that they haven’t even opened and I KNOW I’m doing a rubbish job of teaching them to value the right things.

Id like to actually enjoy this day rather than to look at it as something I just need to get through. I don’t need more stuff.  That’s an endless, awful addiction.  I need more time with the people I love and the ones that love me.  You can’t put time or love or togetherness in a box.  And thank God for that, because I’m completely sick of wrapping and equally sick of unwrapping.

I would really much prefer to wrap my arms around my kids, sit and have an actual calm conversation (rather than the bits of half statements we say before we’re interrupted with nonsense) with my brothers, watch the Grinch, play some Rummikub (or Uno or Connect Four or Chess or, you get the idea), and be truly, truly happy that we are warm and well-fed and happy and healthy and together.

Merry Christmas.

Christmas List

Normally, I write a silly note to my husband and give him an outrageous list of things I’d like for Christmas.  Then I tell him I’m buying him some cheap crap.

It makes me laugh.

This year, I just want clothes.  Specifically, pretty dresses and tights and thigh high socks.  Ooh.  And maybe some shoes too.  I love shoes. A new leather jacket wouldn’t hurt either.

This dress is super cute.

It’s Abercrombie and Fitch.  I’m a medium.

I’m feeling this jacket also.

It’s also Abercrombie and Fitch.

I so love this dress.

It’s from Pin Up Girl Clothing.

And this is way hot too.

Also from Pin Up Girl Clothing.  God, I want a job where I can dress like this. Can you get me one of those too?

I can never have too many thigh high stockings and socks. These are amazing.

I would wear these in every color you can get me. They are from Sock Dreams.

These are great too.

Also from Sock Dreams. Actually, I pretty much love all the thigh highs from them.

I really prefer thigh highs, but these are adorable, and in the store, they’re only $5.

They’re from Target.  Target has tons of cool colors of tights.  They also carry a bunch of really cool textured tights.  I am really sad that I can’t show any pictures of the BEST TIGHTS I ever owned.  A couple of years ago, I found a bunch of really cool thigh high tights at Walmart.  They were George brand tights.  They were opaque and textured and amazing.

I haven’t seen them lately (but I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible) and they don’t have any of them online.  I have looked many other places and not found any even close.  Tights are great, but I feel like a child when I have to wear them.  Grown up hoisery should NOT have a crotch!

I love this dress at Bebe, but I’d have to take a screen shot and crop it and blah, blah, blah to get it.  Just follow the link.  I like it in blue.

This skirt from Forever 21 is so feminine and cute.

It makes me happy just looking at it.

And you know me, I can never have too many pairs of shoes or boots.  The higher the heel the better.

I like this pair from Chinese Laundry.  Again, you’ll have to follow the link.  Size 9. In black.

I always love shoes like this at Macy’s but I never buy them because I don’t have enough occasions to wear them.  So buy me these, I have plenty of chic dresses to wear them with, and take me to Downtown 140 more often. Or take me to a play. I love dressing like a real grown up. With a sleek dress and my pretty trench coat and scandalously high heels and maybe a good hat.

Oh. My. God. These shoes.  These shoes.  I have no idea where I could possibly wear these shoes. But I greatly desire these shoes.  I think these shoes may just live next to the bed.

These shoes are from and are amazing. That is a 5.7″ heel.  I want.

You should keep me away from that site.  And Polyvore.

Anyway, gift cards always work too.  Hot Topic. H&M. Charlotte Russe. Deb. Forever 21. Hollister.  American Eagle.

Or, you can buy me fabric store cards, since I’m going to try to sew some of my own stuff.

And, I would love to learn to make my own shoes.  There’s that lady in Rocky River who was offering classes.  How cool would that be?

Should I ask what it is you want?