And I Thought I Was Weird

Well, I am.  Weird.  Very.  I kind of like it.

But I have nothing on Jack Black.  I was watching him on Graham Norton last night (geez I love my DVR).  The other guests were John Waters and some funky-looking British comedienne/sitcom actress. Oh, Justin Bieber was on too.  Ugh.

Holy crap!

First, Jack Black watched the monitors the ENTIRE time he was on stage.  Who knew a chubby guy who makes his living by being the kind of goofball underachiever would be so incredibly vain!

Second, even the total narcissistic enthrallment with his image on the monitor didn’t account for all of the bizarreness.  He seemed as though he was highly medicated.  Maybe that’s just how he always acts, I have no idea, I’ve only seen him in King Kong.  – King Kong was just an awful, awful movie.  And I love Peter Jackson, Naomi Watts, and the big primate, but Jack Black, and Adrian Brody, and the really bad special effects when King Kong was carrying Naomi Watts around completely destroyed that movie.

Then I saw Ricky Gervais on the Daily Show.  What a condescending prick.  Every time I’ve seen him on the Daily Show and the one time he was on My Life on the D List he’s been really insulting.  Maybe he’s trying to be funny, but if he’s joking, it doesn’t come across as though the person with whom he’s speaking is meant to be in on the joke.

I can’t even remember what Gervais was promoting.  He was so obnoxious.




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