What I Learned Today

I had to spend some time with Thing 1 today.  I hate serious talks, they make me incredibly uncomfortable.

But have the serious talk I did.  While I was having the serious talk, I was sitting on my Cosco 2 step stool. Here it is, but mine is cream.  When I stood up, I experienced pain more intense than I felt during the talk.  It seems those lovely grip strips are not meant for the tender flesh of my upper thighs and my butt cheeks.  Thank god I was wearing a bikini panty and not my normal thong. OUCH!!!!!!

The moral of this story is wear pants while parenting?  No. wait.  Cosco no-slip strips are strong?  Maybe.  Parenting is painful?  Absolutely.

The other thing I learned today is that there are far too many douchebags.  I mean, I knew this because even one douchebag is too many.  But let me explain.

I was at the high school for an event and I saw a teen back into another car.  She got of her car looked and then started asking her friends (there were four of them in the car) what she should do. Since I was standing there watching as she accelerated into the parked car I offered that she needed to leave a note on the other car (there weren’t even very many cars around, the parking lot was 3/4 empty and I have no idea why she was even backing up.  she was going really slowly, then she gunned it into the other car.  completely bizarre.  it is just entirely to easy to get a license).

And I stood there while she waited hoping I’d go away.  Instead, I wrote down her license plate number, offered her a pen and paper and waited.  She tried to make me go away “does that lady think I’m not going to leave a note?”.  “I’m pretty sure your not going to leave a note but you may go on talking about me as though I can’t hear you”.

There were too many activities going on at the school to even attempt to determine who owned the car that was hit.  But when I went back to my car and saw the other car still there, I decided to see if the kids had really left the note.  They hadn’t.  So I did.  I left the girl’s license plate number and my phone number as a witness in case the owner found any damage.  Then I used one of my precious hair bands to tie the note to the car handle.

Thing 2 and the Monkey King were with me at the time.  I really hope that I demonstrated how important it is to step up.  I’ve had my car hit (and damaged pretty noticeably) in parking lots.  I’d have loved if someone had left a note for me.

What a complete douchebag that girl is.


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