Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Whatcha Gonna Do When The Lights Start Shining

I love Hello Kitty (and Cheap Trick – that’s a hint for the reference in the title).

I’m also out of spending money, it being so close to Christmas and all.  So it unacceptably evil that Sephora sent me an e-mail about an exclusive 2-day only insider shop filled with Hello Kitty cosmetics and accessories. The products will go on sale for everyone sometime in mid-January.

The cases are gorgeous.  Here the pic from the e-mail:

So shiny! I love shiny.  OMG! I just saw the “pink sprinkles” nail polish.  $10 for nail polish.  Ouch!The bottle’s adorable.

Normally, I wouldn’t be tempted to buy the cosmetics at all because who cares what brand the eyeliner it is?  Once it’s on your face, no one knows what brand it is, only how it looks.  But the packaging is so cute and when I see so much cute and sparkly stuff I get a bit hypnotized and can’t be held responsible for my actions.

Now where is that credit card?


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