Christmas List

Normally, I write a silly note to my husband and give him an outrageous list of things I’d like for Christmas.  Then I tell him I’m buying him some cheap crap.

It makes me laugh.

This year, I just want clothes.  Specifically, pretty dresses and tights and thigh high socks.  Ooh.  And maybe some shoes too.  I love shoes. A new leather jacket wouldn’t hurt either.

This dress is super cute.

It’s Abercrombie and Fitch.  I’m a medium.

I’m feeling this jacket also.

It’s also Abercrombie and Fitch.

I so love this dress.

It’s from Pin Up Girl Clothing.

And this is way hot too.

Also from Pin Up Girl Clothing.  God, I want a job where I can dress like this. Can you get me one of those too?

I can never have too many thigh high stockings and socks. These are amazing.

I would wear these in every color you can get me. They are from Sock Dreams.

These are great too.

Also from Sock Dreams. Actually, I pretty much love all the thigh highs from them.

I really prefer thigh highs, but these are adorable, and in the store, they’re only $5.

They’re from Target.  Target has tons of cool colors of tights.  They also carry a bunch of really cool textured tights.  I am really sad that I can’t show any pictures of the BEST TIGHTS I ever owned.  A couple of years ago, I found a bunch of really cool thigh high tights at Walmart.  They were George brand tights.  They were opaque and textured and amazing.

I haven’t seen them lately (but I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible) and they don’t have any of them online.  I have looked many other places and not found any even close.  Tights are great, but I feel like a child when I have to wear them.  Grown up hoisery should NOT have a crotch!

I love this dress at Bebe, but I’d have to take a screen shot and crop it and blah, blah, blah to get it.  Just follow the link.  I like it in blue.

This skirt from Forever 21 is so feminine and cute.

It makes me happy just looking at it.

And you know me, I can never have too many pairs of shoes or boots.  The higher the heel the better.

I like this pair from Chinese Laundry.  Again, you’ll have to follow the link.  Size 9. In black.

I always love shoes like this at Macy’s but I never buy them because I don’t have enough occasions to wear them.  So buy me these, I have plenty of chic dresses to wear them with, and take me to Downtown 140 more often. Or take me to a play. I love dressing like a real grown up. With a sleek dress and my pretty trench coat and scandalously high heels and maybe a good hat.

Oh. My. God. These shoes.  These shoes.  I have no idea where I could possibly wear these shoes. But I greatly desire these shoes.  I think these shoes may just live next to the bed.

These shoes are from and are amazing. That is a 5.7″ heel.  I want.

You should keep me away from that site.  And Polyvore.

Anyway, gift cards always work too.  Hot Topic. H&M. Charlotte Russe. Deb. Forever 21. Hollister.  American Eagle.

Or, you can buy me fabric store cards, since I’m going to try to sew some of my own stuff.

And, I would love to learn to make my own shoes.  There’s that lady in Rocky River who was offering classes.  How cool would that be?

Should I ask what it is you want?


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