Ingredients for a Great Christmas Day

  • No visitors (we took care of all that yesterday).
  • No cooking or cleaning (other than normal stuff that comes with 3 kids a dog and a cat)
  • A good long run
  • A nice hot shower
  • Brand new Hello kitty pajamas with lovely, fluffy bottoms (I think my neighbors may have taken up a collection to buy me pajamas so they don’t have to see my naked, pasty body walking around in my house.  or maybe my kids did that)

one of my Hello Kitty clad legs

  • My kitty (who, if she had a bow and no mouth, would look an awful lot like Hello Kitty)

My live action Hello Kitty

  • All 5 Volumes of The Devil’s Panties (0-4), and they’re flipping signed!!!!!! All 5 are signed!

Volume 1

Inside cover of volume 1

I wonder how long I can sit here in my new pajamas and read books.  If only I had Depends I could sit for an awfully long time.



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