Life’s a Beach

This summer, I spent some time on some local beaches looking for beach glass.

After bleaching it (to kill germs), rinsing it, sorting it, and drilling some pieces, I got bored and set it aside.

Recently, I spent some time working with some of the pieces and here’s a few things I came up with.

The chain is a sterling silver chain I had.  I used some aluminum jump rings and a bead I had lying around to “finish” my pendant.

Drilling, by the way, is tedious.  I got a diamond bit for mothers’ day for this purpose.  Also, even with the proper tools, some pieces are just going to crack.  My favorite pieces are cobalt blue.  They are very hard to find, and generally very small.  I desperately wanted to use a few pieces as accents to some of my chainmaille.  Naturally, they cracked.

To drill, I place the glass on a sponge in a glass dish with water at the bottom.  You have to go slowly. You have to back the bit out even more slowly.

This piece was so interesting, I didn’t want to add any embellishments that might detract from the glass.  It’s lovely and chunky.  I made my own copper jump ring to use in place of a bail and strung it on lovely brown leather.

I used silver craft wire to wrap this piece of beach glass.  I made another pendant like this and turned it into a keychain.  The wire wrapping took quite a while, I’m going to have to practice wrapping more.

While I was working on these things, I also decided to make a ribbon necklace for a pendant I’d purchased. I”m not sure if I’ll keep it.

I cut two equal lengths of 1″ hot pink ribbon and 1/4″ link pink ribbon, which was twice as long as the hot pink ribbon.  Then I wrapped the hot pink ribbon with the light pink ribbon.  I purposely tried to keep the wrapping irregular but then I’m not sure I like the results.  Hmmm.  Maybe it’ll grow on me.  If not, well that’s ok too, I’ll just make something else.  I have some lovely silver cord.

Right now I’m working on this:

It’s a piece of beach glass I drilled.  Again, I’m using an aluminum jump ring in place of a bail.  I attached two pearlized beads to the bail with fine copper craft wire.  I’m stringing on beading wire.  I used a round nose/flat nose pair of pliers to make the coils (for bead spacers) out of the copper craft wire. I may continue the coil/bead pattern for the whole necklace or just have a few small segments.  I haven’t decided yet.  I’m afraid that if I bead the whole thing, it’ll overpower the pendant.

It’s been so nice to spend some time making jewelry.  I haven’t made anything in months.  I have so many projects half started.  I’m hoping to get several more done before my vacation time is over.  If I’m really lucky, I’ll get to some of the sewing I’ve been meaning to do.


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