Happy Z Day

Today is Z Day.  I don’t know why.  But, then again, why not?

Z Day is Zombie Apocalypse Day.  I wouldn’t know if the Zombie Apocalypse has occurred yet since it’s 3 pm and I haven’t done anything.  Really.  I’m sitting here in a tee, short shorts and, well, that’s it.  I haven’t showered, I haven’t exercised, I haven’t done anything except eat breakfast and play Star Wars Lego: The Complete Saga on PS3, which by the way is addictive.

Anyway, apparently, some of the people who decided that today was/is Z Day, also have said that Z Day should be observed by making family zombie survival plans.  For example, if a zombie outbreak occurs, meet me at ….

Hey, maybe not showering is part of the plan! If I sit on the couch playing video games long enough, I’ll smell like the undead! See! I accomplished something today!

Actually, I have to go take Thing 1 out to practice driving after I type this.  I need to spend my time planning how to survive her driving, I’ll worry about the zombie apocalypse latter.

I’ll leave you with links to some of my fav zombie things:

  • Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ – I still haven’t played, but come on, the title is good enough to make it one of my favs.  Maybe, assuming I survive this driving trip, I’ll stop and buy some DSi point and download it.
  • The Walking Dead on AMC – This is an amazing show.  I can’t wait to see some new episodes. Even if the sheriff wasn’t smoking hot, I’d like this show.  But he is smoking hot.
  • Zombie Fit – a workout plan based on skills you’ll need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Anyway you can encourage people to stay in shape is great.  I don’t care what imaginary threats you have to invoke to do it.  And the fact that pull ups are often part of the workout, well, I just looove watching guys do pull ups so even if I don’t follow the zombie fit workout plans, I’ll watch someone else all day long.
  • The Zombie Survival Guide – a must have, you know, provided you want to survive and all.
  • Zombie Survival Test – I just clicked on this.  I paid more attention to the banner ad above the quiz which read “Would I Date You”.  Apparently, you can make your own quiz for potential suitors.  Well, in case any of you are curious, No. No I wouldn’t date you.  You can weep, it’s understandable.
  • Cleveland Charity Zombie Walk – I sooooo want to go to this.  People walk down the street in zombie makeup.  Fabulous.  The charity is the local food bank.  I don’t understand the connection but who am I to judge.  Besides, I’d get to dress up like a zombie.  None of my friends will go with me.  They all said, “I’ll come but just to watch”.  Wussies!  At least it’s different than what my friends normally say to me, which would be “can I watch?”  The answer to this question is also “no”. 
  • Black Alley Cat Race and Zombie Bike Ride – I found a flyer for this after the event.  It was a zombie bike ride and pub crawl.  Zombies, bikes, and beer! Holy crap! I hope they do it again next year.  I’m soooo there.
  • Bricks of the Dead – a web comic where everything is made of Legos.  Amazing.  The scenes are so detailed, in one there’s artwork on the wall and the artwork is made of Legos.  And the photography is amazing. So much talent.  I love this and recommend it to everyone. There’s a zombie survival test/choose your own adventure thing here that’s fantastic.  I died.  But it was funny.  My downfall was stopping to help someone.  Further confirmation that no good deed goes unpunished.
  • Dead Winter – web comic about after the zombie apocalypse.  Lovely characters.  Pacing is a bit slow.  I can’t wait to see where this story goes.
  • Dead Set – a miniseries about the zombie apocalypse in England.  It revolves around the cast and crew of the reality show Big Brother.  It was fantastic!
  • Gay Zombie – this youtube video is great.  Makes me laugh every time.  I let my 6 year old Monkey King watch it and he was afraid.  So I had to explain that this was social commentary about how homosexuality is NOT contagious (or frightening).  Then I had to explain what homosexuality is.  And then I had to explain the concept of social commentary.  And it’s not easy to distill those concepts in a way that a 6 year old can understand.  He was significantly relieved when he found out the one zombie was kissing the man’s neck and not chewing on it.  Afterwards, I let him watch Brodyquest again (then the Brendan Fraiser special clap to Hollaback Girl, then Nala the laughing cat, and as many Harry Potter puppet pals as he’d sit still for) and all was right in his little mind again.
  • Hello Kitty Hello Zombie – I like Hello Kitty, I like zombies.  Brilliant mash up.  I want the shirt but it’s either out-of-stock everywhere or too flipping expensive.  I can’t justify a $25 tee when I have a drawer overflowing with tees.  Sigh.  So many tee shirts so little… so little…. so little… damn, I have no idea how to finish that.

Anyway, hope the New Year finds you safe from zombies, and from real harm.  Like my daughter’s driving.


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