Down with the Sickness

I was going to use part of the lyrics for this song, Down with the Sickness, as my blog title.  Then I read them.  Nothing I can use in those lyrics.   I’ve been listening to this song for years and never bothered to figure out the words.  I still like the music but, wow, I had no idea. 

My laptop is suffering from a particularly malevolent virus.  I have a very good antivirus program and it’s up-to-date.  I used products from 4 other major companies to try to get rid of the virus, but it’s still sticking around.  I have no choice but to reformat. That would suck under normal circumstances, but I’ve been meaning to back up my files for a while now and just couldn’t get myself to do so. 

This is the first time I’ve ever gotten a virus.  Really, I’m pretty careful and I use good protection software.  Like everything I do, it’s go big or go home.  I wish that only applied to the good things. 

Anyway, instead of just being able to recoop a few months of file additions (I’m really big into downloading songs and taking pictures), I have to go through the 6 months of stuff I neglected to back up.  And those six months contained 2 of my kids birthdays and Halloween and Christmas and all the stuff that goes along with those events.  Sigh.  It’s taken over 5 hours just to compress the files. 

Now I’ve resorted to using the husband’s laptop.  I really hate not using my own.  I never realized how attached I am to my pc.  I wish a severe case bacne and abdominal cramping on whoever wrote the virus that my laptop contracted (do laptops contract viruses?  what’s the correct verb there?  let’s just pretend it’s contract).   Oh, and boils.  Yeah, I wish bacne, intestinal cramping and boils … no, that’s not enough, boils and cold sores!

I wish bacne, intestinal cramping, boils, and cold sores on the jackasses who created that computer virus.  I mean, they aren’t getting dates anyway if they’re spending all their time hunched over a keyboard, so any wishes to that affect would be overkill.  But bacne, intestinal cramping, boils, and cold sores would be painful.  And I hope they have big painful warts completely covering both their palms so they can’t get any pleasure that way either.

Loser pricks.


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