The More Things Change

Don’t you wish that people would get tired of being stupid in predictable ways?  If one is going to make a bonehead move, one should at least be interesting about it. 

Let me explain.  I’m sitting here reading my newspaper. 

Tangent alert:

Sure, print news is passe.  Yes I get ink all over my hands.  Yes, my paper is often wet because the delivery person SUCKS (remember that when you don’t get tipped.  Actually, because you put your Give-me-a-Christmas-tip Christmas card in the paper without an address, I couldn’t tip you this year anyway. Dumb ass).  Yes I could get my news faster online.  Yes, yes, I know these things.  Bite me.  I love my laptop.  I love looking things up online.  I love my newspaper. I have enough love for all these things.   

Anyway, I’m sitting here reading my newspaper and right on the same page, there are stories about two classic bonehead moves.

  1. Some legitimate informational hot line number was misprinted and directed unsuspecting callers to a sex chat line.  Honestly, how can this happen so often?  How many times can a misprinted hot line number be a correct sex line number?  What percentage of toll free numbers are sex line numbers?  That’s just nuts.  And who’s misprinting these numbers?  Doesn’t anyone double check their own work?  If a company or organization is going through the trouble of printing and distributing information, shouldn’t someone review that info? 
  2. Robbers caught when cops follow footprints through the snow.  Really?  Come on now.  I mean, that’s great for the cops and all, but how did these people make it this far in life.  One would hope that natural circumstances had culled them from the population before they were old enough to commit robbery.  I hope those people never breed. 

I guess I should be comforted.  Change is scary.


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