Bunny From Hell

During my closet cleaning, I came across a cashmere sweater I got as a gift.  It’s an XL so I could fit in it twice now.  But I just loved the color and didn’t want to give it away.  So I set it aside until inspiration struck. 

For Christmas, Santa brought me a new sewing machine.  And I thought, hmmmm. How can I combine my new sewing machine with my cashmere sweater?  What could be better than a stuffed bunny made from a cashmere sweater?


I surfed around and found this pattern for a little stuffed bunny.  You can find it here.

I might have wanted to start with something easier. 

First, cashmere is not easy to sew.  It doesn’t hold it’s shape well.  So, I went and got some interfacing.

Second, getting interfacing to bond with cashmere is not easy.  Especially when I had no idea what a press cloth was much less the proper way to use one. 

Third, I probably would have done much better if I had sewn it by hand.  I wish my sewing machine had that speed function that some of the higher end machines have.  I also wish it had the drop in bobbin.  

Anyway, here’s my bunny. 

My poor retarded bunny.  The pattern is just fine, it’s my sewing that’s awful.    The pink is the cashmere.  The purple is a from a giant (and really, it was huuuuuge) sueded button down shirt.  The button eyes are from the button down shirt too. 

I should have just donated the sweater and the shirt.  Oh well, at least it kept me busy for a few hours.


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