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Things Are Looking Up


I just won the Asian Pacific International Lottery.  Wow.  And I never even bought a ticket or entered.  And I certainly never give out my e-mail address when buying lottery tickets.

It’s just incredible.  How lucky can I get?  I won without entering AND someone managed to track me down too! Sweet. 

Who in the F%^& still tries this crap? Does anyone really fall for it?

It is incredibly amusing.


What Would I Do Without My Music

I am a music junkie.  I can deal with pretty much anything as long as my earbuds are shoved firmly in my ears.  There are songs that are so pretty it hurts.  There are songs I hear that I have to hear over and over until they are imprinted into my head. 

I sing to the radio, always. I dance and don’t care who’s watching.  I just have to have music. 

Right now, I have to reload all the songs back onto my phone (I don’t have a dedicated mp3 player.  I had a couple different ones and none of them lasted very long.  I am a dropper and most electronics aren’t durable enough to withstand me.  Actually, most people aren’t durable enough to withstand me but that’s a completely different blog.  That might be a book).  Unfortunately, my phone only has 8 GB of space for everything and no expansion option.  I know, I know.   So I have to make some hard decisions.  I’m only up to L and I already have 665 songs for over 4.5 GB. 

Do I add Middle Class Rut’s New Low or Maroon 5’s Kiwi? Do I add Motion City Soundtrack’s The Conversation or Olly Murs’ Please Don’t Let Me GoThe Libertines or Modest MouseSneaker Pimps or Paolo Nutini?  How can I choose?  I love all them all for different reasons.  I mean, very few songs can make me feel the way Fool in the Rain does so that’s easy.  But I kind of need all of Stereophonics‘ songs and that means that I can’t put something else on there.  And really, what mp3 collection is complete without Mika’s Grace Kelly? or Neon Trees’ Love and Affection? or Social Distortion’s Ball and ChainSomething Corporate’s Little? Dropkick Murphy’s State of MassachusettsThe Maine’s Right GirlTaking Back Sundays’ Cut Me Up JennyThe Gaslight Anthem’s Bring it OnGin Wigmore’s I Do? Kid Cudi’s Scott Mescudi Vs the World? Steve Vai’s Little Green Men? Gyptian’s Hold You (Hold Yuh)? The Fratellis’ Whistle for the Choir? Grit’s Ooh AhhSparks the Rescue’s We Love Like VampiresRobyn’s Indestructible?  – Actually, it’s criminal that I can’t turn on the radio and hear Robyn.  I can hear that awful Daughtry way too much and Robyn is nowhere to be found.  Seriously, why are so many male, rock singers such a bunch of whiny pricks?  What girl finds that attractive?  Ugh.  Suck it up, walk it off.  If your whiny lyrics remind me of that sissy Eddie Vedder, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!!!!

Sorry, tangent.   

But really, why can’t I hear some interesting music on commercial radio?  More Motion City Soundtrack, less Shinedown.  Really, if you get a chance to listen to @!#?@! by Motion City Soundtrack, do so. It’s so flipping catchy. (BTW, I beat the Ocarina of Time too!)  And can someone please play a song by The Airborne Toxic Event other than Sometime Around Midnight?  Please?  I’m begging.  TATE is such a great band but that’s not even close to their best song.   Gasoline is.  Really. Watch it here.  I could listen to that in a loop for a long time.  And they’re amazing in concert.  It sucked to see that the audience only knew that one song.  I can’t wait to see them touring when the new album comes out.  The new single, Changing, is great.  I’ve been waiting soooo long for new music from them.

Dammit! I can’t do this! It’ just too much pressure!  What if I really need to hear a song, for example, what if I really, really need to hear The Shins’ Sleeping Lessons?  Or better yet,  Guillemot’s Through the WindowpaneTinie Tempah’s Written in the Stars? What are the odds that I’m going to be able to just find those songs?  My phone service is complete rubbish so I probably am not going to be able to find it online to satisfy my craving.  So I need to have them on  me.  And who knows when I might need to hear them.  Omitting the wrong song could completely ruin my day.

Drink Me

I have discovered Gouden Carolus Cuvee Blauw.  Oh dear.  I may never be the same again.  Do other people know about this?

It is the perfect breakfast drink.  It goes really well with spaetzle and eggs.  Trust me.  And both are truly delightful and calming to a girl’s sicky tummy. 

Oh Buckeye Beer Engine, you have the power to make me fat and silly drunk. I could drink way too many beers at your fine, fine establishment.  You always have glorious, beautiful craft beers on tap.  Your food is a foodie’s dream. 

I can’t wait to do Sunday brunch here again.  Next time I hopefully won’t have an upset stomach because I’m heading straight for that Bloody Mary bar.  I’ve never had a Bloody Mary before, but I love some good voddy and tomato juice is good.  And the condiments at the bar were amazing-looking.  I’ll have to save that trip for a day the kids are off somewhere else.  I don’t think it’s a good idea for them to see mommy getting slizzard on a Sunday morning.

People are Funny – and not Funny Ha-ha

I love “relationship” articles.

I was just reading one about how to tell if your date has long term potential.  If you’re curious, you can read it here.

It lists 5 things to ask your date and it repeatedly mentions first date situations.  As in, you’re on a first date, you’ve just met this person, and you’re trying to size him (I hope guys aren’t silly enough to buy into this advice.  Women have been groomed to buy into this crap but I’m hoping at least half the population is safe) up as a potential mate.

Forget the interrogation, have fun.  Maybe you shouldn’t listen to my advice as it’s been many, many years since I dated, but this stuff would definitely scare me off.  I don’t like people trying to rush and pick in my brain.  Enjoy getting to know the person.  If that’s not why you’re there (on the date) then you shouldn’t be on that date.

And really, what if the person answers wrong? Would you want to be judged on one wrong answer?  On one bad day? Now, if your date mentions something really deplorable, that’s different.  No one should gloss over serious character flaws.  Homicidal tendencies.  Yes, those are a deal breaker.  He has kids and you aren’t willing to deal with that, perfectly acceptable.  A wrong answer to a ridiculous question, what’s your most embarrassing moment, why the hell would I answer that, especially on a first date. And really, that’s a lot of pressure on you and your date.

Don’t buy into this garbage.  It’ll mess with your head and you’ll be so obsessing that you may miss what would have been a fun time.

People that write this stuff should be smacked.  In public.


Xin Nian Kuai Le


I looked at my blog after I initially posted it and saw that the characters do not show up.  If you’d like to see the proper characters, follow this.

And particularly to all those bunny people.  🙂  If you’re unfamiliar with the Asian Zodiac, you can read about the sign of the rabbit here.  The little bunny thing on that page is super cute.  I am a tiger.  You can read about them here.  My year has just ended.

We started celebrating early, not intentionally though. 

For dinner, the kids (all 3 of them and Thing 1’s boyfriend too) made onigiri with me.  Look:


Then I made tako hotdogs (hotdogs cut to look like octopus, not hotdogs made of octopus.  Although I would absolutely try the latter.  Octopus is yummy, especially in salad). See:

I was lazy, I didn’t put any eyes or mouths on them.

But then Thing 1 and I made a rolled omelette with traditional Japanese seasonings (dashi, soy, and mirin). 

Then we put out tables in the family room and we ate our lovely feast while watching Despicable Me.

And after we devoured that, I broke out a container of homemade fudge for dessert.  What a lovely time.  Maybe we’ll make some New Years crafts tomorrow. 

I know they aren’t traditional, but I like us to make paper scrolls for New Year.  We all write our hope for the new year on a paper scroll.  If I’m feeling really ambitious, I use Chinese characters. 

Then we can make origami bunnies.  I stink at origami.  A bunny is the only origami thing I ever successfully made.  I had to watch a video to get it right.  I can’t find the video I used.  It was on youtube and it was lovely.  There was classical music playing and you didn’t hear any talking or paper noises.   Darn it, I need to keep looking.

Snow Day

I love shoveling.  It’s such good exercise.  But today there is a 2″ thick crust of ice on the snow.   I did one path, only shovel width, in front of the house and had to stop.  Each shovelful had to weigh about 30 pounds.  One path was plenty of exercise.  I might try to make one more path later, or not.

After my shoveling attempt, it was tie to PLAY!!!!!!

The Monkey and I had wanted to make a snowman.  That just couldn’t happen.  So I suggested that we make snow angels.  Ha ha ha ha!  I threw myself backwards into the snow (ice) and started moving my arms and legs and only my big butt broke through the ice!  I only made a butt print!  The Monkey didn’t even make a butt print. 

But I was not to be thwarted.  I lifted my arms up and punched them through the ice.  Then I moved them down a little and did it again. And again and again until I had my angel wings.  Then I did the same thing with my legs.  The Monkey laid in my snow angel once I got up since he couldn’t make his own.

Then the Monkey decided we would have a snow ball fight.  He kept picking up huge chunks of ice to throw at me.  Meanie.  It’s good that he was significantly slowed down by his gigantic boots and his snow pants.

Instead, we played tag.  While I was running from the Monkey, I found this:

How cool is that?

Breakfast in America

I love breakfast foods.  Five days a week (and sometimes more depending on how backed up things are at work), I just scarf down something while I’m driving to work so my choices are limited.  Lean pockets (scrambled egg with bacon. of course it has to be bacon), a bagel with smart balance, toast, it’s all rather boring.

Today I took a snow day so I get to have breakfast that can’t be eaten while driving.  I’m so excited.  Saturday morning breakfast is always something bread-y: french toast, pancakes, belgian waffles.  When I’m truly inspired, and I don’t have to leave to take a child to some activity (that is very, very rare. I’m often inspired, I almost NEVER have a Saturday morning that doesn’t involve me having a child somewhere before 9 am), I might even make crepes.  Ooh, crepes stuffed with fresh strawberries and Greek yogurt (or cottage cheese, or ricotta cheese, or marscapone cheese, or, well, you get the idea) and drizzled with chocolate syrup.  I should make those again soon.

Sunday is eggs.  Over easy, scrambled, omelette, whatever.  And sometimes, when I’ve really been a good girl (which is never), breakfast meats.  I love a good, crispy strip of bacon.  I love to eat healthy, but turkey bacon is NOT the same.  I want real, center cut, maple cured bacon. 

Complete tangent (as opposed to the myriad little baby tangents already present in this post):

When I lived with my dad and brother as a teen, we had a bacon microwave.  It was this little cheap microwave and all we cooked in it was bacon.  We had this whole procedure.  We’d remove the glass tray (?) from the bottom of the microwave, line it with 3 or 4 layers of paper towel. then put in our bacon.  I believe that we would cook the bacon for 2 minutes, take it out, flip it, and cook some more. 

Later, when I got married I needed a microwave.  Mine had died and I didn’t have the cash just then to buy a new one.  So my dad gave me the bacon microwave.  Every time we used it, you could smell bacon.  The bacon smell would simply not go away.  It was good motivation to save up and buy a new one. 

This morning is all about cereal.  I very rarely get to eat cereal.   Sometimes, when I’ve had a really hard work out, I’ll eat cereal as a snack (I buy relatively healthy cereal).  Otherwise, I only get cereal on days like today, when I’m not intending to be home.

We have 5 boxes of cereal, so I decided I’d have a little bit of each kind because I JUST COULDN’T CHOOSE ONE. Actually, I was only having trouble deciding between 3 or them but figured, all my life I’ve been good and now, whoa, I’m thinking what the hell.  Oops.  That’s not what I was thinking.  That’s what I was singing though.  I was thinking, hey, why not. 

I didn’t bother with my own bowl of Rice Krispies.  I just had a spoonful of the Monkey King’s bowl.  Next, I had a little bit of Mini Wheat’s Cinnamon Struessel.  That wasn’t very good. I should’ve just skipped that and the Rice Krispies.

Panda Puffs remind me of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch, which I don’t think I’ve had since I was in elementary school.  That was a long time ago, back when the Cap’n himself used to deliver that to your door. 

I love those Banana Nut Clusters.  Trader Joe’s has some of the best cereal.  The Chocolate Frosted Wheat Mini Bites were good too.  But my favorite cereal is Grape Nuts.  There’s nothing like a good bowl of Grape Nuts.  Maybe add some raisins or bananas.  Ooh, or sprinkle them on some Greek yogurt.

I’m sooo full.  But, since I’m all on about breakfast foods, there’s a special one I haven’t had in a long time.  Steel cut oats.  Creamy and warm and filling.  With walnuts and brown sugar and dried cranberries.  Yum.  Perfect for the cold, sleety, snowy winter day that today is.  If I start cooking it now, I’ll be able to have it for dinner. 

Right now though, I’m going to play some Legos Star Wars, then I think I’ll shovel the drive.  And me and the Monkey King have a date to make a snowman and some snow angels. 

See, I’m a simple girl.  Hahahaha! That was a little joke.