Breakfast in America

I love breakfast foods.  Five days a week (and sometimes more depending on how backed up things are at work), I just scarf down something while I’m driving to work so my choices are limited.  Lean pockets (scrambled egg with bacon. of course it has to be bacon), a bagel with smart balance, toast, it’s all rather boring.

Today I took a snow day so I get to have breakfast that can’t be eaten while driving.  I’m so excited.  Saturday morning breakfast is always something bread-y: french toast, pancakes, belgian waffles.  When I’m truly inspired, and I don’t have to leave to take a child to some activity (that is very, very rare. I’m often inspired, I almost NEVER have a Saturday morning that doesn’t involve me having a child somewhere before 9 am), I might even make crepes.  Ooh, crepes stuffed with fresh strawberries and Greek yogurt (or cottage cheese, or ricotta cheese, or marscapone cheese, or, well, you get the idea) and drizzled with chocolate syrup.  I should make those again soon.

Sunday is eggs.  Over easy, scrambled, omelette, whatever.  And sometimes, when I’ve really been a good girl (which is never), breakfast meats.  I love a good, crispy strip of bacon.  I love to eat healthy, but turkey bacon is NOT the same.  I want real, center cut, maple cured bacon. 

Complete tangent (as opposed to the myriad little baby tangents already present in this post):

When I lived with my dad and brother as a teen, we had a bacon microwave.  It was this little cheap microwave and all we cooked in it was bacon.  We had this whole procedure.  We’d remove the glass tray (?) from the bottom of the microwave, line it with 3 or 4 layers of paper towel. then put in our bacon.  I believe that we would cook the bacon for 2 minutes, take it out, flip it, and cook some more. 

Later, when I got married I needed a microwave.  Mine had died and I didn’t have the cash just then to buy a new one.  So my dad gave me the bacon microwave.  Every time we used it, you could smell bacon.  The bacon smell would simply not go away.  It was good motivation to save up and buy a new one. 

This morning is all about cereal.  I very rarely get to eat cereal.   Sometimes, when I’ve had a really hard work out, I’ll eat cereal as a snack (I buy relatively healthy cereal).  Otherwise, I only get cereal on days like today, when I’m not intending to be home.

We have 5 boxes of cereal, so I decided I’d have a little bit of each kind because I JUST COULDN’T CHOOSE ONE. Actually, I was only having trouble deciding between 3 or them but figured, all my life I’ve been good and now, whoa, I’m thinking what the hell.  Oops.  That’s not what I was thinking.  That’s what I was singing though.  I was thinking, hey, why not. 

I didn’t bother with my own bowl of Rice Krispies.  I just had a spoonful of the Monkey King’s bowl.  Next, I had a little bit of Mini Wheat’s Cinnamon Struessel.  That wasn’t very good. I should’ve just skipped that and the Rice Krispies.

Panda Puffs remind me of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch, which I don’t think I’ve had since I was in elementary school.  That was a long time ago, back when the Cap’n himself used to deliver that to your door. 

I love those Banana Nut Clusters.  Trader Joe’s has some of the best cereal.  The Chocolate Frosted Wheat Mini Bites were good too.  But my favorite cereal is Grape Nuts.  There’s nothing like a good bowl of Grape Nuts.  Maybe add some raisins or bananas.  Ooh, or sprinkle them on some Greek yogurt.

I’m sooo full.  But, since I’m all on about breakfast foods, there’s a special one I haven’t had in a long time.  Steel cut oats.  Creamy and warm and filling.  With walnuts and brown sugar and dried cranberries.  Yum.  Perfect for the cold, sleety, snowy winter day that today is.  If I start cooking it now, I’ll be able to have it for dinner. 

Right now though, I’m going to play some Legos Star Wars, then I think I’ll shovel the drive.  And me and the Monkey King have a date to make a snowman and some snow angels. 

See, I’m a simple girl.  Hahahaha! That was a little joke.


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