Xin Nian Kuai Le


I looked at my blog after I initially posted it and saw that the characters do not show up.  If you’d like to see the proper characters, follow this.

And particularly to all those bunny people.  🙂  If you’re unfamiliar with the Asian Zodiac, you can read about the sign of the rabbit here.  The little bunny thing on that page is super cute.  I am a tiger.  You can read about them here.  My year has just ended.

We started celebrating early, not intentionally though. 

For dinner, the kids (all 3 of them and Thing 1’s boyfriend too) made onigiri with me.  Look:


Then I made tako hotdogs (hotdogs cut to look like octopus, not hotdogs made of octopus.  Although I would absolutely try the latter.  Octopus is yummy, especially in salad). See:

I was lazy, I didn’t put any eyes or mouths on them.

But then Thing 1 and I made a rolled omelette with traditional Japanese seasonings (dashi, soy, and mirin). 

Then we put out tables in the family room and we ate our lovely feast while watching Despicable Me.

And after we devoured that, I broke out a container of homemade fudge for dessert.  What a lovely time.  Maybe we’ll make some New Years crafts tomorrow. 

I know they aren’t traditional, but I like us to make paper scrolls for New Year.  We all write our hope for the new year on a paper scroll.  If I’m feeling really ambitious, I use Chinese characters. 

Then we can make origami bunnies.  I stink at origami.  A bunny is the only origami thing I ever successfully made.  I had to watch a video to get it right.  I can’t find the video I used.  It was on youtube and it was lovely.  There was classical music playing and you didn’t hear any talking or paper noises.   Darn it, I need to keep looking.


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