What Would I Do Without My Music

I am a music junkie.  I can deal with pretty much anything as long as my earbuds are shoved firmly in my ears.  There are songs that are so pretty it hurts.  There are songs I hear that I have to hear over and over until they are imprinted into my head. 

I sing to the radio, always. I dance and don’t care who’s watching.  I just have to have music. 

Right now, I have to reload all the songs back onto my phone (I don’t have a dedicated mp3 player.  I had a couple different ones and none of them lasted very long.  I am a dropper and most electronics aren’t durable enough to withstand me.  Actually, most people aren’t durable enough to withstand me but that’s a completely different blog.  That might be a book).  Unfortunately, my phone only has 8 GB of space for everything and no expansion option.  I know, I know.   So I have to make some hard decisions.  I’m only up to L and I already have 665 songs for over 4.5 GB. 

Do I add Middle Class Rut’s New Low or Maroon 5’s Kiwi? Do I add Motion City Soundtrack’s The Conversation or Olly Murs’ Please Don’t Let Me GoThe Libertines or Modest MouseSneaker Pimps or Paolo Nutini?  How can I choose?  I love all them all for different reasons.  I mean, very few songs can make me feel the way Fool in the Rain does so that’s easy.  But I kind of need all of Stereophonics‘ songs and that means that I can’t put something else on there.  And really, what mp3 collection is complete without Mika’s Grace Kelly? or Neon Trees’ Love and Affection? or Social Distortion’s Ball and ChainSomething Corporate’s Little? Dropkick Murphy’s State of MassachusettsThe Maine’s Right GirlTaking Back Sundays’ Cut Me Up JennyThe Gaslight Anthem’s Bring it OnGin Wigmore’s I Do? Kid Cudi’s Scott Mescudi Vs the World? Steve Vai’s Little Green Men? Gyptian’s Hold You (Hold Yuh)? The Fratellis’ Whistle for the Choir? Grit’s Ooh AhhSparks the Rescue’s We Love Like VampiresRobyn’s Indestructible?  – Actually, it’s criminal that I can’t turn on the radio and hear Robyn.  I can hear that awful Daughtry way too much and Robyn is nowhere to be found.  Seriously, why are so many male, rock singers such a bunch of whiny pricks?  What girl finds that attractive?  Ugh.  Suck it up, walk it off.  If your whiny lyrics remind me of that sissy Eddie Vedder, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!!!!

Sorry, tangent.   

But really, why can’t I hear some interesting music on commercial radio?  More Motion City Soundtrack, less Shinedown.  Really, if you get a chance to listen to @!#?@! by Motion City Soundtrack, do so. It’s so flipping catchy. (BTW, I beat the Ocarina of Time too!)  And can someone please play a song by The Airborne Toxic Event other than Sometime Around Midnight?  Please?  I’m begging.  TATE is such a great band but that’s not even close to their best song.   Gasoline is.  Really. Watch it here.  I could listen to that in a loop for a long time.  And they’re amazing in concert.  It sucked to see that the audience only knew that one song.  I can’t wait to see them touring when the new album comes out.  The new single, Changing, is great.  I’ve been waiting soooo long for new music from them.

Dammit! I can’t do this! It’ just too much pressure!  What if I really need to hear a song, for example, what if I really, really need to hear The Shins’ Sleeping Lessons?  Or better yet,  Guillemot’s Through the WindowpaneTinie Tempah’s Written in the Stars? What are the odds that I’m going to be able to just find those songs?  My phone service is complete rubbish so I probably am not going to be able to find it online to satisfy my craving.  So I need to have them on  me.  And who knows when I might need to hear them.  Omitting the wrong song could completely ruin my day.


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