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Vampire Money

I haven’t been able to survive without fresh episodes of True Blood or Vampire Diaries.  I can’t help it, I need escapism. 

Well, I have discovered Being Human.  The American version.  On the Syfy Channel. I tried the British version.  I caught a third season episode.  I like the American version better. I wish there were some prettier actors (there are some truly odd looking people on this show. the women are mostly pretty, except the main vampire love interest. but those are some funky looking men. i need pretty boys).  And I wish there was a bit more action and a bit less talking.  But a girl in need isn’t going to be awfully picky. And I neeeeeeeeeeeeed some fresh vampire tv.

I didn’t see the first few episodes, so I’m not sure how the three main characters end up living together.  But there are some just incredibly trite plot points.  The most annoying cliche was the little boy taking the vampire porn and his mom finding out and hating Aiden/thinking Aiden gave it to the little boy on purpose.

The most interesting thing was seeing two minor actors from Supernatural showing up in the 4 episodes I’ve seen so far.  I might have to watch every episode just to see how many more Supernatural actors end up on Being Human.

The season cliffhanger was pretty good.  I’ll have to figure out when the next season starts.  Because, now, I am without new vampire shows to watch.  When are some new episodes of Vampire Diaries coming? Maybe I need to make my own vampire show.  More pretty men.  Way less talking.


tell me sweet little lies

you ever meet someone who can lie so well that you know they almost make themselves believe it?

Yeah, you know there are times I want people to lie to me.  Like when I ask how I look.  The answer is “stunning” or some variation regardless of the reality.  But, seriously, stunning is generally pretty accurate (that’s sarcasm, you know, in case you were unclear).

When I’m trying to prepare for something, please tell me the truth.  Even when it’s not what I want to hear.  Don’t leave me hanging.  Tell me.

Yeah, I might have a few un-pretty moments while I wrap my head around it.  Everyone has those un-pretty moments.  Some people are just better at keeping them hidden.  You’ll be able to see those un-pretty moments on my face.  I have NO poker face.  I probably will never have a poker face.  I’m ok with that.  My strengths are much more fun.

Like everyone else, I want what I want.  And I’ll work hard for what I want.  I’m not used to coming up empty handed.  It’s much better to tell me straight away than to let me put a bunch of effort in and then tell me it’s not working.

Ok, I’m feeling better now so I need to go shake my booty.  I have Gytian’s Hold Yuh playing in my head.  I need to have it playing in my ears.  That’s a perfect Friday afternoon song.  Nothing can be bad when that song’s playing.


See, I recover quickly.

Where My Girls At

I have a dirty secret.  I am completely addicted to RuPaul’s Drag Race.  I watch it religiously.  That and RuPaul’s Untucked. 

I am completely mesmerized by these men who are better at being women than a lot of women. 

What I wouldn’t give for their skill with a makeup brush.  I completely covet their ability to find places to wear so much shiny stuff.   I love shiny stuff. 

I know that Raja is going to win this season.  And she should.  She always has the best runway outfits and she is very polished.  But my favorite queen is Alexis Mateo.  She is just so cute. I loved her since the celebrity impersonation challenge when she was Alicia Keys.  My favorite was when she won the competition with the messages for the military personnel stationed oversees, she was so genuine and sweet and funny.  And even though she missed her marine ex-boyfriend who is stationed oversees, she was so completely positive about it.  It was really touching and made me like her more.  When she jumped up and down saying “I’m a f^&*ing drag queen” I about peed my pants. 

Most of Alexis’s  stuff has been really great.  Her exercise video was so funny and she really did look and act like a Puerto Rican Chrissie Snow.  I don’t like that she’s been much more catty towards the other girls lately.  I like her better when she’s kind.  I like everybody better when they’re kind.   

I can’t wait until Shangela is gone.  Holy crap is she annoying.  And her outfits are just awful.  I am not very good at sewing but even I can do better than that half-assed garbage.  She is a really good performer but she is just so nasty to everyone.  Ugh. 

Last season, my favorite was Pandora Boxx.  She is so funny.  She was more camp than glamorous and that really hurt her with the judges, but she had way more personality and was a much better performer than the other contestants.  And Jujubee is adorable (Jujubee looks amazing in herAbsolute commercial).  I wish I looked half that good. Raven and Tyra were completely unbearable. I almost couldn’t watch the last episode when it was only those two twits.

So now there Yara, Manilla, Alexis, Shangela, and Raja left.  I really hope that Shangela’s next.  Unfortunately, I think that the last two girls will be Shangela and Raja.  Either Yara or Manilla will go next.  Shangela is not even in the same league as Raja, but she’ll be kept on because she causes so many problems so it keeps the show more interesting. 

Oh well.  I hope there is another season of Drag U coming up.  Then Ru will have an excuse to call Pandora back as a professor.  I do love Pandora.

Anyway, as Ru always says “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?  Can I get an amen up in here?”

Happy Talk Like William Shatner Day

Talking like Shatner was fun.  Texting like Shatner rather sucked.  Way too many ….. in between words.  And it’s really hard to convey the wrong, Shatneresque intonations in print. 

Next year, maybe I’ll get a bad hairpiece and, I don’t know, a Trekkie shirt to help keep me in character. 

Look.  I’ll use any excuse to be a complete goof. 

Friday is Waffle Day.  I want a big banana Belgian Waffle. Mmmmmmmmmmm.  Waffles.

Grown Up Night Out

I went to Third Friday at 78th Street Studios last night.  It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to go and I was pleasantly surprised at the new additions.  The last time I’d seen the place, the second floor was just being shown to potential renters.  Now it’s full of studios. 

It has been so cool to see this place grow.  The first time I ever went to one of the events, there were only maybe 4 or 5 galleries and they got together to have an open house.  It was Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  It eventually became a quarterly thing.  Now it’s once a month. 

And there are so many people now. Unfortunately, more people also means more d-bags but that’s comes with the whole art gallery scene anyway.

One of my favorite spots is Kookon Arts Gallery.  And the Gary Spinosa sculpture is still there.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.  It’s this massive wooden and bronze (?) sculpture.  It evokes thoughts of ancient temples and pagan gods.   The first time I saw it, I was totally awe struck.  My reaction is no less intense after half a dozen viewings.  I’m very sad that the other Spinosa works have been sold or sent back or wherever they went.  I love that there are still several Alfredo Arreguin works. 

The Keri-Lee Studio is an interesting place.  I love the 3 dimensional works she produces.  She uses such bright colors in most of her work.  This time, she had this giant gnome she was making for an exhibit at the Holden Arboretum called Gnomes and Gardens.  I wanted to touch the gnome so much.  She had so much detail.  And the texture.  Oh, it was so hard not to touch.

The Charmaine Spencer Gallery is really interesting.  She always has these huge sculptures.  They’re all very organic looking. 

One of my new favorites are Julie Morgan’s studio.  Her artwork is amazing.  The lines are clean and seductive.  Sleepwalker is intense.  I want this piece.

Oh, and the shared space for Dana Oldfather and, well, I don’t remember the other artist in this space.  I really appreciate Dana Oldfather’s work.  I’m glad to see it at 78th studios.  Her work reminds me a bit of Darren Waterston‘s work.  Her spot was very much a place to be seen and many people were there to introduce themselves, especially as her work is receiving so much attention lately.

I had such a good time there.  I can’t wait to go again.  Maybe next month.

Me and my incredibly lucky date ended up at Fatheads (hooray) because there’s no better way to follow up art than with craft beers. 

I started with Collaboration not Litigation.  It’s a blend of two Belgian ales, one from Avery Brewing and one from Russian River Brewing.  It’s was very nice.  The lucky guy had Fathead’s Sorcerer.  I didn’t appreciate Sorcerer the first couple times I tried it, but it’s definitely a nice beer.  I’ll have to put this into my rotation of fall back beers at Fatheads.  I usually go with Bumbleberry and Gogglefogger when I can’t think of anything else. 

I followed up with New Holland’s Dragon Milk.  I’ve wanted to try this for ages but haven’t seen it on tap.  It was really boozy and strong and I liked it very much.  I couldn’t drink more than one at a time though.  The date had a Bear Republic Scottish Wee Ale.  Yummy.  I want another.

The bartender, after seeing the types of stuff we were trying,  was kind enough to give us a sample of Lagunitas Gnarly Barley Wine.  It was athe least offensive barely wine I’ve ever had.  I didn’t even shudder when I tried it.  Actually, this would be one I could drink an entire glass of.  That’s rare for a barley wine.  I always like to try them but I just can’t drink them.

It was a lovely evening.  I might just let that guy take me out again.  🙂

Final countdown

I’m totally geeking out on gadget envy counting down until I can get my new cell phone.  I could buy it early but I refuse to buy without a full credit and rebate.  I have a Palm Pre.  It has been a good little phone.   It survived a fall from the top of my second story roof (fell out of my pocket while I was cleaning the gutters).   The phone is all scratched and cracked at all the corners (and other various places) and there’s actually a sliver of the touch screen missing but it still works.  Not well, but it works.

Because of the way I cracked one of the corners, when I open the phone to use the keyboard, it hits ‘L’ and send.  So people are constantly getting random ‘L’ texts from me.  The hubby calls it the Bloody L.  A friend just says ‘what the L’.  My niece says I’ll have to send random L texts when I finally get my new phone.  That’s f%^$ed up!  Many friends have asked if I was calling them losers (I was, but that was completely separate from the L text).

Anyway, I have Sprint.  And it seems that Sprint just does not have good phone options.  I’ve been comparing the new androids and I wish that I could find one that has all the features I want.  I considered the HTC EVO.  I’ve read good feedback on the new HTC’s but old ones had such a bad rep.  I actually had the Sprint reps talk me out of older HTCs. 

So, I decided I’m getting the Samsung Epic.  I’m a bit worried as Thing 1 is on her 2nd Samsung and it just randomly turns itself off and other charming things. But Thing 2 has that recycled one and she likes it.  It might be because Thing 2 – 1) doesn’t stick her phone in her bra, 2) doesn’t drop her phone, 3) doesn’t drop her phone in water, 4) doesn’t send 1000 texts a day, 5) doesn’t slam her phone down when she’s mad, etc, etc.

I can’t wait.  I can’t wait.  I really like the software on the Palm but there’s no camera zoom (even my last phone had that), doesn’t switch back and forth on call waiting reliably, won’t answer a call properly, and HAS NO MICROSD SLOT!!! How can a music lover survive on a phone that only has 8 GB of memory and NO EXPANSION SLOT!  She can’t.  She gets all itchy when she realizes that she has to remove a song to add something new.  She gets all angsty when she really wants to hear a song and it’s not on her phone and she can’t wait to get home to her laptop to play it.

I needed to hear Where My Mouth Is really badly this week at work and I realized that when I reloaded my music, I couldn’t make it past P (ran out of room) so Taking Back Sunday did not make it on (I’m listening to it as I type this).  Then I needed to hear Can’t be Friends and, of course, Trey Songz didn’t make it to my phone either (I’ll listen to that next).

The Epic comes with a 16 GB card and can handle 32 GB!!!!! Oh, I’ll fill that up quick. I have almost 50 GB of music on my laptop.  Sorry, big tangent.  Couldn’t be helped.

12 days to go……….

Welcome To My Silly Life

Random quotes from a random Sunday

  • sometimes I’m talking and stuff stops coming out but I keep talking in my head
  • we got you these handcuffs because your boyfriend looks like a thug
  • he talks all the time, he just doesn’t talk to people
  • I want your metabolism.  Give it to me
  • daughter to my niece “You look like a skater”
    • Niece “why? because of my hat?”
    • Me “well, that and the goatee”
  • taste my hair
  • they just chat naked… like it’s ok
  • did you see that nut I just dropped
  • bartender “who’s this drink for?”
    • niece  “me”
    • bartender “sometimes people sneak in younger friends and order extra drinks for them.  you’re not hiding a younger person in here are you?”
    • me “yes! she’s in my pants”
  • guy walking around with no music playing and no earbuds in snapping his fingers.  “maybe he’s keeping time to the voices in his head” (that one wasn’t from yesterday, but I thought it was funny).