I’m Too Sexy For This Bar

Hahahaha.  I was at a local brew pub tonight (Fatheads Cleveland. You should go there.  The food is very good and the beerr is better). 

A friend and I were sitting having some beautiful drinks (Gogglefogger and Bumbleberry) and this group of 15 or so guys walks in.  That would’ve been fantastic if they weren’t all so unfortunate looking.  But as they stood around and got loud, my girl and I  overheard some funny-a$$ s%^t. 

Apparently, this group of guys were a bachelor party.  And Fatheads was their second stop.  Their first stop, the party animals they are, was Chili’s.  Yes.  That Chili’s.  The family restaurant Chili’s.

Hahahaha!  Anything I think that I’m pathetic, I’m going to remember that at least my life didn’t include a bachelor
(although, in my case it would have been bachelorette) party at flipping Chili’s.  How flipping lame is that crap.  A bunch of ugly dudes at Chili’s.  The wait staff must have been thrilled. 

They got a little wild after a couple of beers and bought what I assume must have been the groom-to-be a Fatheads tee and he pulled it down over his buttondown, long sleeved shirt.  He looked like a douchy sausage. 

The best part of this whole story is this: when I left, I noticed a party bus in the parking lot.  The bachelor party involved riding in a party bus to Chili’s and the Fatheads.  Hahahahahaha!  Ah, that’s some good s%^t!


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