Open Up Your Eyes


  I saw this sign while grocery shopping.  I choose to ignore the word cheese and only process the phrase “Blue  Balls”.  The blue balls are “prepared in store”.  What exactly are they doing in those back rooms?
 I don’t understand this product.  I understand the blow up beer pong table. That’s actually a bit fun. If you haven’t seen one, it reminds me of a pool longue chair but each end has the holes for the cups. I would imagine that the bounce of the ping pong ball would be strange but that might make the game more interesting.
I also get the special folding wooden beer pong tables with holes for the cups.

This product says it has everything but the beer, but all it has is the cups and the ping pong balls.  This is for the laziest beer pong players ever.  People will sell ANYTHING.  I need to meet the people who actually buy this crap though.

   I was out with one of my girlfriends last night and this is seriously a pic of the specials menu.  Yes, yes, the name of the dessert dish is the Hot Nut Sack for 2!

I needed to order that, bien sur, but THEY WERE OUT! How could they taunt me like that?!?!?! That’s just cruel. 

The specials are for Mardi Gras so I may go back again before then to see if  I can order this.  I cannot rest until I have this.



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