Welcome To My Silly Life

Random quotes from a random Sunday

  • sometimes I’m talking and stuff stops coming out but I keep talking in my head
  • we got you these handcuffs because your boyfriend looks like a thug
  • he talks all the time, he just doesn’t talk to people
  • I want your metabolism.  Give it to me
  • daughter to my niece “You look like a skater”
    • Niece “why? because of my hat?”
    • Me “well, that and the goatee”
  • taste my hair
  • they just chat naked… like it’s ok
  • did you see that nut I just dropped
  • bartender “who’s this drink for?”
    • niece  “me”
    • bartender “sometimes people sneak in younger friends and order extra drinks for them.  you’re not hiding a younger person in here are you?”
    • me “yes! she’s in my pants”
  • guy walking around with no music playing and no earbuds in snapping his fingers.  “maybe he’s keeping time to the voices in his head” (that one wasn’t from yesterday, but I thought it was funny).

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