Final countdown

I’m totally geeking out on gadget envy counting down until I can get my new cell phone.  I could buy it early but I refuse to buy without a full credit and rebate.  I have a Palm Pre.  It has been a good little phone.   It survived a fall from the top of my second story roof (fell out of my pocket while I was cleaning the gutters).   The phone is all scratched and cracked at all the corners (and other various places) and there’s actually a sliver of the touch screen missing but it still works.  Not well, but it works.

Because of the way I cracked one of the corners, when I open the phone to use the keyboard, it hits ‘L’ and send.  So people are constantly getting random ‘L’ texts from me.  The hubby calls it the Bloody L.  A friend just says ‘what the L’.  My niece says I’ll have to send random L texts when I finally get my new phone.  That’s f%^$ed up!  Many friends have asked if I was calling them losers (I was, but that was completely separate from the L text).

Anyway, I have Sprint.  And it seems that Sprint just does not have good phone options.  I’ve been comparing the new androids and I wish that I could find one that has all the features I want.  I considered the HTC EVO.  I’ve read good feedback on the new HTC’s but old ones had such a bad rep.  I actually had the Sprint reps talk me out of older HTCs. 

So, I decided I’m getting the Samsung Epic.  I’m a bit worried as Thing 1 is on her 2nd Samsung and it just randomly turns itself off and other charming things. But Thing 2 has that recycled one and she likes it.  It might be because Thing 2 – 1) doesn’t stick her phone in her bra, 2) doesn’t drop her phone, 3) doesn’t drop her phone in water, 4) doesn’t send 1000 texts a day, 5) doesn’t slam her phone down when she’s mad, etc, etc.

I can’t wait.  I can’t wait.  I really like the software on the Palm but there’s no camera zoom (even my last phone had that), doesn’t switch back and forth on call waiting reliably, won’t answer a call properly, and HAS NO MICROSD SLOT!!! How can a music lover survive on a phone that only has 8 GB of memory and NO EXPANSION SLOT!  She can’t.  She gets all itchy when she realizes that she has to remove a song to add something new.  She gets all angsty when she really wants to hear a song and it’s not on her phone and she can’t wait to get home to her laptop to play it.

I needed to hear Where My Mouth Is really badly this week at work and I realized that when I reloaded my music, I couldn’t make it past P (ran out of room) so Taking Back Sunday did not make it on (I’m listening to it as I type this).  Then I needed to hear Can’t be Friends and, of course, Trey Songz didn’t make it to my phone either (I’ll listen to that next).

The Epic comes with a 16 GB card and can handle 32 GB!!!!! Oh, I’ll fill that up quick. I have almost 50 GB of music on my laptop.  Sorry, big tangent.  Couldn’t be helped.

12 days to go……….


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