Where My Girls At

I have a dirty secret.  I am completely addicted to RuPaul’s Drag Race.  I watch it religiously.  That and RuPaul’s Untucked. 

I am completely mesmerized by these men who are better at being women than a lot of women. 

What I wouldn’t give for their skill with a makeup brush.  I completely covet their ability to find places to wear so much shiny stuff.   I love shiny stuff. 

I know that Raja is going to win this season.  And she should.  She always has the best runway outfits and she is very polished.  But my favorite queen is Alexis Mateo.  She is just so cute. I loved her since the celebrity impersonation challenge when she was Alicia Keys.  My favorite was when she won the competition with the messages for the military personnel stationed oversees, she was so genuine and sweet and funny.  And even though she missed her marine ex-boyfriend who is stationed oversees, she was so completely positive about it.  It was really touching and made me like her more.  When she jumped up and down saying “I’m a f^&*ing drag queen” I about peed my pants. 

Most of Alexis’s  stuff has been really great.  Her exercise video was so funny and she really did look and act like a Puerto Rican Chrissie Snow.  I don’t like that she’s been much more catty towards the other girls lately.  I like her better when she’s kind.  I like everybody better when they’re kind.   

I can’t wait until Shangela is gone.  Holy crap is she annoying.  And her outfits are just awful.  I am not very good at sewing but even I can do better than that half-assed garbage.  She is a really good performer but she is just so nasty to everyone.  Ugh. 

Last season, my favorite was Pandora Boxx.  She is so funny.  She was more camp than glamorous and that really hurt her with the judges, but she had way more personality and was a much better performer than the other contestants.  And Jujubee is adorable (Jujubee looks amazing in herAbsolute commercial).  I wish I looked half that good. Raven and Tyra were completely unbearable. I almost couldn’t watch the last episode when it was only those two twits.

So now there Yara, Manilla, Alexis, Shangela, and Raja left.  I really hope that Shangela’s next.  Unfortunately, I think that the last two girls will be Shangela and Raja.  Either Yara or Manilla will go next.  Shangela is not even in the same league as Raja, but she’ll be kept on because she causes so many problems so it keeps the show more interesting. 

Oh well.  I hope there is another season of Drag U coming up.  Then Ru will have an excuse to call Pandora back as a professor.  I do love Pandora.

Anyway, as Ru always says “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?  Can I get an amen up in here?”


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