tell me sweet little lies

you ever meet someone who can lie so well that you know they almost make themselves believe it?

Yeah, you know there are times I want people to lie to me.  Like when I ask how I look.  The answer is “stunning” or some variation regardless of the reality.  But, seriously, stunning is generally pretty accurate (that’s sarcasm, you know, in case you were unclear).

When I’m trying to prepare for something, please tell me the truth.  Even when it’s not what I want to hear.  Don’t leave me hanging.  Tell me.

Yeah, I might have a few un-pretty moments while I wrap my head around it.  Everyone has those un-pretty moments.  Some people are just better at keeping them hidden.  You’ll be able to see those un-pretty moments on my face.  I have NO poker face.  I probably will never have a poker face.  I’m ok with that.  My strengths are much more fun.

Like everyone else, I want what I want.  And I’ll work hard for what I want.  I’m not used to coming up empty handed.  It’s much better to tell me straight away than to let me put a bunch of effort in and then tell me it’s not working.

Ok, I’m feeling better now so I need to go shake my booty.  I have Gytian’s Hold Yuh playing in my head.  I need to have it playing in my ears.  That’s a perfect Friday afternoon song.  Nothing can be bad when that song’s playing.


See, I recover quickly.


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