Goodbye to Romance, Goodbye to Friends

It is time to say goodbye to an old friend.  It’s really sad. But it is time.

You were my faithful friend, even after all the times I dropped you.  You stuck with me even after spending dozens of hours stuffed inside my sweaty sports bra.  You still worked after I dropped you on the second floor roof and you slid down the asphalt shingles, face down, and landed in the lawn.

Sure, when I texted, you often hit “L” and send.  But now that L is gone.  The Bloody “L”.  The “what the L”.  I may send an L for old times sake, but it won’t be the same.

Really, how can you say goodbye to a friend that spent hours stuck in the waistband of my panties or the cup of a bra when I didn’t have pockets available?  Who fell out of my panties and came out the bottom of my skirt thus providing amusement for all who witnessed it?  Who was with me when I ran my first 5K? Who fell out of a pullover jacket and hit the road while I was pedaling my bum off (which actually is probably not very fast anyway but that’s not the point).  And still, once I stopped and rode back, and picked it up, it still played music for me.

You were often the only thing that kept me from just losing my shit when I was stuck at work for 12-16 hours at a time.  You and that lovely pair of earbuds.

But now, you are old.  Your Palm OS software rather blows compared to what other phones are sporting.  You are missing a relatively giant sliver from your touch screen.  You bare the scars of the asphalt roof on all of your touch screen. And, without an expansion slot, I cannot add any more songs.

I think I’m keeping you though.  I think I’ll put you in my entertainment center next to my poor abused TI 81 calculator (yeah, kiss my ass I have the 81).



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