How To Sync Your Samsung Epic 4G with Your iTunes, For Real

Ok.  I just got my Samsung Epic Friday afternoon (SWEET!) and one of the most important things was that I load my music into it.

Before I even bought the phone, I looked up instructions on using it with my iTunes.  Syncing is so much easier than copying files through Windows Explorer (that’s what I did with my Palm Pre, I hated it, it took forever).  So I sat down with my laptop and my shiny new toy and was completely prepared to follow the instructions (which are the same for every single place I looked) and have everything work.  Well, the prompt verbage doesn’t match between the phone and the tutorials. Every tutorial says to “mount” your phone

After about half an hour of trying to see where I must have gone wrong, I gave up and tried it my way.  Let me say, if I hadn’t read these tutorials, it would have taken me a lot longer to figure this out.  But as the instructions were written step by step with very specific verbage, it was frustrating that they didn’t match.

Here are the steps, with the correct wording.

  1. Download iTunes Sync from (here)
  2. Install iTunes Sync
  3. Connect your Epic to your pc with the USB cord
  4. Select “mass storage” on your Epic
  5. Select “connect USB storage” on your Epic
  6. When your pc recognizes your Epic, select “open folder to view files” from the pop up window
  7. Create a folder on your Epic for music.  I named my folder “music” (I know, I’m creative).
  8. Create a playlist, in iTunes, with the music you’d like on your Epic. I named my playlist “Epic” (once again my creative side shines through)
  9. In iTunes, add your desired songs to the playlist you created.
  10. Right click the iTunes Sync icon in the system tray.
  11. Select “configure MP3 players”
  12. Click “add” button
  13. Name your MP3 player (named it Epic) in the “MP3 player name” form field
  14. In the “MP3 player subFolder to sync to”, select the folder you created on your Epic
  15. In “folder structure” select how you’d like the music subfolders to appear on your phone.  I chose “\artist\album – # – song name”
  16. in “iTunes playlist” form field, select the playlist you created in iTunes.
  17. Click “ok”
  18. Select “close”
  19. Open iTunes Sync and click the “sync MP3 player” button
  20. Wait until sync is done, pick up your Epic and pull down the status bar.  Click “turn off USB storage”.
  21. Click the next “turn off USB storage” from the next screen that appears on your Epic.
  22. Safely eject your Epic from your pc.
  23. Rock on.

Oh, and the Epic’s volume selection should stop at 11 not 15.


5 thoughts on “How To Sync Your Samsung Epic 4G with Your iTunes, For Real

  1. You are a wonderful, kind, brilliant girl! Thank you for posting these instructions. None of the others I found gave any real help.

  2. The problem I’m having with mine is that I don’t get the “open folder to view files” pop up…don’t know what’s going on with that. Any help?

    • I had this same problem.
      I sat on tech support with Sprint and Samsung for several hours one night while they each told me to adjust settings in places that did not exist. The end result being that Samsung wanted my to send my phone in for repairs and wouldn’t give me a loaner. Nice customer service, right? Two weeks minimum with no phone. Like that’s workable.

      So, what solved the problem? The cable. Now that there is a sort of universal USB cable for many phones, I have just random cables laying around. It didn’t really matter to me from which phone a cable came. It only mattered that it fit and would work.
      I cannot identify any of the USB phone cables except the ones that came with my old Palm Pre because they say Palm and have the lovely silver dots on the ends to show which side is up. The Palm cables work. I plug it in, the pc recognizes my phone.

      If I pick the wrong cable, the pc won’t recognize my phone. I don’t know if I’ve ever tried the phone that came with my Galaxy. It might still be in the box.

      Good luck!

  3. Well, that almost did it! 🙂 Now it says it can’t sync with iTunes…I think it’s an Apple sabotage. Thank you so much for the extra help. I really appreciate it.

  4. Thank gawd that the Android system is just like a regular old storage device. I was able to create my own playlist and move it, albeit song by song, onto my phone. It will take longer and it won’t be as organized but nothing is working other than that.
    Thanks again for your help.

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