Family Portrait

I took my kids into the hood to go to the Italian grocery, Gallucci’s.  I try to go every 3 or 4 months to stock up herbs and such.

We always get a provolette and other yummy cheese (piave vecchio, Beemster XO, anything bite-y and sharp and aged and beautiful).  oh, and Castelvetrano olives.  I could eat these by the tub.  And I do actually.

Well, there are certain things I don’t even bother to get because my husband complains.  My grandmother used to make pizzelles with the anise flavoring.  When she got a little “forgetful”, the pizzelles were always stale.  And she would give us a giant plate full of them every Friday when we visited for dinner.  So, for my husband, they were ruined forever.  Every once in a while, I get nostalgic and would like to buy some but I don’t.

One of the other things that reminds me of my grandma and holidays is torrone candy.  My grandma always bought cases of these and gave a box as part of everyone’s Christmas present.  They were always teeth-breakingly hard but there’s something comforting about them.

I picked up a box so that I could share them with my children.  Surprisingly, the candy is now sealed inside the box instead of being just wrapped in foil.  So the candy isn’t hard anymore.  It has this lovely texture.  My kids really like them.  Maybe I’ll start picking up a box or two for Christmas and pass on the tradition.


My grandmother would be so proud.


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