Fuzzy Wuzzy

I was at Fatheads Friday night.  I’m still wishing they had that Gouden Carolus Cuvee.  Alas, they do not.

They did have their #1.  It tastes completely different than last year’s and the year before’s #1.  Apparently, #1 is the first beer brewed at Fatheads and they only make it once a year.  The first time I had it, it blew me away.  Last year I loved it too.  This year, I am unimpressed. Oh well.

So, next I tried Ayinger Brau Weisse.  Delightful.  I just love unfiltered wheat beers.  This was lovely and I would definitely get it again.

Then there is the pizza.  I would never suspect that a place like this would have good pizza.  Nothing against Fatheads.  The rest of their food is really good.  I just wouldn’t expect them to have solid pizza.  But they do.

I originally ordered Avery’s Collaboration Not Litigation Ale.  I had this a few weeks before at Fatheads and it was amazing.  But they had just run out 😦  There are too many beers to try to be upset for long.

Right around beer two, I need food.  And there was food.  I love Fatheads smokehouse wings.  The beastie sauce is very good.  I like the killer sauce the best.  But I understand not everyone likes a fire in their belly.  Fatheads smoked wings are the shit.

Then there was the pizza.  I wouldn’t expect a place like Fatheads to have good pizza.  This has nothing to do with the quality of anything they have.  The rest of their food is really good.  I just wouldn’t expect them to have good pizza.  Oh, but they do.

pulled pork pizza

It has beans and, I don’t know, by the time I finished I was very drunk.  That doesn’t make the pizza any less good.  Even drunk, I know good food.  This was completely amazing.  If I’m going to blow my training diet, this is the way to do it, Fatheads wings and pizza.  It was so good, I don’t even feel guilty.

The biggest surprise of the night, however, wasn’t the food, it was the last beer.  Fathead’s Fuzzy Wuzzy.  I didn’t pick this beer, it was my husband’s.  He almost didn’t get any.  It had a delicate peach flavor and was crisp and light and I wish I had brought the growler because I so would have filled it with this.  But that just means I have to go back for more.  That and I never got to try Fathead’s Udderly Smooth Milk Stout.  Maybe I could go back tonight.  I did 8 miles or training yesterday and another 8 today, that deserves a beer or three, right?


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