She walked like a woman but talked like a man

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for drag queens and alcohol!

Tuesdays in my house mean TIVO’s RuPaul’s drag race and RuPaul’s Untucked episodes, alcohol, and some yummy snacks.  It’s an event.

Today is rather a sad Tuesday as this is the season finale.  I can’t wait to see who won.  I love Alexis Mateo.  I wish I was Alexis Mateo.  She’s flipping hot.  And nice.  Until a few episodes ago, she didn’t talk smack about anyone.

I love Manilla too.  I completely covet her tight collection.  Amazing.  She has given me tight envy on several occasions, and I’m a girl who can find odd, beautiful, crazy sexy tights.  It’s one of my missions in life, to always have sexy legs.

But the stand out queen, week after week, is Raja.  I adore her confidence and sense of style.  And her long, thin body.  It’s beautiful.  I wouldn’t want to wear her clothes.  They are high fashion, which just isn’t for a working girl like me (and I’m a working girl in the sense that I have a job, not that I’m a “working” girl).

So, tonight, I’m dying to see who wins, although I strongly suspect it’ll be Raja.  It should be Raja anyway.    I need to see this episode now, but I’m cooking Tofu Dengaku.  Cook, cook, cook, damn tofu, I have drag queens to watch.


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