Summertime time time and living’s easy

Summer means live music (and outdoors, and naked legs, and naked feet – you have no idea how big a deal those last two are unless you’re a life long Clevelander – and softball, and thunderstorms, and ice cream, and, oops, sorry, daydreaming a but there).   It’s fantastic to see a good band outdoors on a nice summer evening.

So, I am completely devastated that my favorite outdoor venue, Time Warner Amphitheater, has closed.  It was a pain to get to, but much better than the only alternative, Blossom.

But I’m not letting it stop me from getting ready for some good shows that are coming to town.  I would like to say that I’m kicking off my summer concert attendance with Rise Against this coming Saturday.  But alas, I’m going to a wedding instead.  And even if I didn’t have the wedding, I’d be attending a birthday party instead.  😦  I didn’t get to see Rise Against last time they were here (with Rancid, can you believe it.  I’m so upset that I missed out on that show) because someone (who shall not be named) didn’t order the tickets when I asked.

Anyway, I will start out my summer concert attendance next week with…. wait for it….. The Airborne Toxic Event!!! How lucky I am.  It’ll be my third time seeing them.  I am so excited.  They are one of my favorite bands.  The only other bands I’ve seen as much live are Paramore and Flogging Molly (I want to see Flogging Molly when they come but they have Clutch opening for them.  The last time Flogging Molly was here, they had two rather tame opening acts and still someone had to leave the show in an ambulance.  With Clutch opening, I’ll be surprised if only one person leaves in an ambulance.  I don’t want to be anywhere near that show). I’m so glad that they are getting more airplay.  They are so talented.

I have a bit of a lull, I’m going to try and fill it in with other shows, until July though.  But, I will attend the Warped Tour at Blossom in July.  I’m so excited.  I can’t believe there will be so many good bands: Paramore, A Day to Remember, There for Tomorrow, A Skylit Drive, Every Avenue, Go Radio, The Aggrolites, The Ready Set.  I’m not a huge fan, but Big D and the Kids’ Table is fun live.  I don’t know any of their songs, and the singer has some of the worst stage banter, but they  sure are fun to watch.

Then, just an hour ago, I bought tickets for Taking Back Sunday in July.  I’m completely stoked (yes, I said stoked, I am old.  Blow me).  Taking Back Sunday got me through many a late night at work.  Now that I’m not working crazy hours, I want to listen to them in a more happy setting.

So, I’ve only got 3 sets of concert tickets so far, but that’s a good start.  Indians are winning and I’ve got some tickets for one of their games.  And I’m going to see my friend’s band at least once.  The summer is shaping up nicely!


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