One Bourbon, One Shot, and One Beer

Except, lets forget the bourbon and the shot.  I can’t hold my liquor anyway, but I am a cheery drunk.

I have some Sierra Nevada Kellerweis which is a hefeweizen.  Mmmmmmm.  Hefeweizen.  It is a very good hefeweizen.  It’s not as good as a good batch of Fathead’s Gogglefogger, but few things are.  Plus Gogglefogger has an advantange because beer always tastes better on tap.  I’ve tried many bottled hefeweizens and Sierra Nevada’s  is probably the best. I’ve had some other Sierra Nevada beers and wasn’t really impressed, but the Kellerweis is on my short list of favorite beers.

And, just for fun, I’m going to crack open an Indigo Imp Blonde Bombshell.  It is an American blonde ale.  This beer is one of my favorites, when it is fresh.  Unfortunately, if it’s not fresh, it turns sour and is a bit like trying to drink vinegar.  I can’t even use it for cooking. As there’s no way to tell if it’s gone bad, save opening and tasting it, buying a six is a bit of a gamble.  Especially as it’s around $12 for a six.  I guess some people like when it’s gone sour as they purposely sell sour batches.  Ugh.  It’s not for me.  But, lucky for me, Indigo Imp has a brewery store that’s open from 2:30 -5:30 on Fridays.  I finally made it down there last Friday and picked up 2 six packs of Blonde Bombshell and it’s fresh and yummy.  It goes really well with some  sharp, aged cheese.  Actually, almost everything goes well sharp, aged cheese.

Blonde Bombshell has a very odd aroma.  This probably has to do with their brewing process, which you can read about on their website.  The first time I had it, I was a bit put off by the aroma to the point where I almost didn’t try it.  But when I did, I was so pleased that I had.  I really wish it had wider distribution, but as they already have a problem with going sour, this might not be better with them.  I’ve tried some of Indigo Imp’s other brews.  I would think that I would love the Jester, as it’s a Belgian style ale, but I don’t recall being in a hurry to try it again.  And so I haven’t.  Like I said, the beer seems to have a short shelf life so it’s hard to tell if I disliked the beer or if it was past it’s prime.

Thing 1, my oldest, brought down this lovely bottle of Trader Joe’s 2010 Vintage Ale this morning.  Apparently, I bought this as a present for the husband and hid it in her closet.  Then we both forgot about it.  Well, what a lovely surprise.  It is dark and complex.  There are hints of caramel and a bit of lovely maltiness (I’m receiving help with this description as mine would read “it’s yummy and I like the bubbles”.  I’m just not that sophisticated).  It is made by Unibroue, a brewery in Montreal.

Unibroue has some lovely beers but my favorite, of those I’ve been lucky enough to try,  is Ephemere Apple.  It’s a hard cider rather than a true beer (although the Unibroue website lists it under ales).  It’s is delightful, sweet and crisp.  I see that there is also a Ephemere Blackcurrant.  OMG! I must try this.  Where can I get this?  Dammit, I may just have to go back to Montreal and that would be awful (geez, I adore Montreal).

If only I had a bottle of Abita’s Purple Haze (this is an unfiltered wheat beer with a slight – very slight – raspberry flavor.  it has the best mouth feel of any beer. It is so lovely to drink) , and some Gouden Carolus Cuvee (this is so creamy and has hints of raisin, it reminds my of bread pudding),  I would have all my current favorites.  And I’d probably have a hang over in the morning.  I’ll just have to save those for another day.



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