Domo Arrigato

I have a confession. I have a Domo obsession.

  It all started innocently enough.  With this single Domo.  It was in the holiday section at Target.  It was only $5.99. It’s 6.5″ tall.  It’s pink.  It’s stuffed.  It was for Valentine’s Day.  How could I resist?There was no harm in purchasing this single, adorable, cuddly toy.  Or was there?
 Then at Easter, there he was again.  Same place.  He was a bit more expensive at $6.99.  And there were two of him.  This little yellow chick.  And a bunny!

Sure it was frivolous.  Sure $14 plus tax would’ve been a really nice steak.  But it was so cute and really what if I decided later I wanted it and couldn’t find them?  Whatever would I do if I didn’t have these 2 Easter-themed Domo dolls from Target?

Besides, I’d use them to decorate my office at work.  Work is so serious and joyless at times that by buying these toys I was doing my part by injecting a little bit of light-heartedness, playfulness into the work day.  And that’s good for morale.

 So I bought both Domos and took them to work.  They spent several months on my window sill, surveying my office and all who visited with a slack-jawed, dead-eyed stare.  The facial expression isn’t that different from many of the people with whom I work.


   Then I had a long period of Domo-acquisition drought.  I mean, if someone was creative, we could have had a Tartan Day Domo, Last Day of School Domo, Domo Uncle Sam, Fourth of July Domo with real illegal fireworks.  Back-to-school Domo with slightly too big, slighty too clean clothes, a fresh hair cut and an apple for the teacher.  So many opportunities missed.  Have the creators learned nothing from Sanrio’s use of Hello Kitty. You slap that image on EVERYTHING!!!!! No product is too silly or dangerous or inappropriate.

Why?  Why did they not supply me with a steady stream of Holiday-themed Domos?

   But then, glory of all glories, came Halloween! And with it, FOUR new holiday-themed Domos. Four!!!!

I had to buy them all.  But I did it one at a time.  I almost caved and rushed it because I thought that Target had run out of all of the styles.  But, somehow, I got them all.  What a crisis that would have been had my collection been incomplete.

And this is when I started thinking of this as my collection. I was looking forward to the next holiday offering.

Would they put out Thanksgiving Domos?  I mean, what would be cuter than a Domo pilgram?  What about a turkey Domo.  Alas, there were no Thansgiving Domos.  I was so disappointed.

   I mean how could I wait until the Christmas Domos?  I began visiting Target every week, slowing stalking down the Holiday aisles, seeking my prey.

I started searching for Domo online.  I needed more Domos.  How could my life be complete if there were Domos that I didn’t have?

I found DomoNation.  But it was just a bunch of Domo posts and blogs and fan pictures.  And who in the hell would spend their time reading a Domo blog.

No, I wanted OFFICIAL Domo information. I wanted toy release dates.  I wanted to know if there would be books, a tv show.


   I found out that there had been some tv show in conjunction with Nickelodeon.  It must have been killed as it was supposed to air in early 2008 and I couldn’t find any clips from it.  Nick plays every show to death so it’s not like one could miss a show that was on Nick.

There is a Domo graphic novel.  I own it.  I keep hoping for Volume 2.  I have no idea what they would do to make it entertaining, that’s not my problem.  I just want to buy it.

I found tons of other Domo info.  Like Domo was created for Japan’s NHK tv.  He has a few friends.  Blah, blah.

I found loads of other Domo products: hats, shirts, party lights, key chains, plush keychains, hoodies, pillows, slippers,etc.  I decided that it would be wallet-friendly to just stick to the 6.5″ plushies.

 Anyway, as there were no Thanksgiving Domos, I started getting excited when I saw Target putting out the Christmas stuff.  I kept looking and looking but there were no Domos.  They actually had Skelanimal Christmas plushies instead.  Skelanimals are cute, but they’re not Domo.

Target actually introduced holiday-themed Skelanimals at Halloween that year.  I bought a couple on clearance afterward.  This was the first time I’d seen Skelanimals anywhere other than Hot Topic.

So a month before Christmas I saw that Target still didn’t have any Christmas Domos. How could they miss out out Christmas?

 My husband looked them up online for me.  They were $11 a piece or something.  You could buy the set of 4 for $30 or $40 or something obnoxious.  I decided that this was a bit too much to spend on silly toys.  I was so disappointed.  How could Target let me down like that?

Well, wouldn’t you know, Santa brought me the set of four.

I had almost given up on my Domo collection and Santa had saved it.  By now, my collection was getting rather large.  I moved all my Domos home to bring their mouth-breather joy to the top of my upright piano.  They take up the entire top in a single file.  In fact, they have to be smooshed together to get them all to fit.

 They are so cute.  In front of them I have a small, disparate collection of tiny random toys:  a mini metal purse with gumballs, some 1″ Hello Kitty characters, a few little skelanimal plastic figurines.  I am becoming the queen of retarded tchotckes.

So I figured that I was done with my Domos.  I had completed my collection of holiday Domos.  They only covered the major holidays so I was done.

I still looked for Domo whenever I went to the stores.  Target had some little keychain plush Domos with various outfits.  They also had a few bigger sizes of normal Domos.  I didn’t have a plain, standard Domo.

Hot Topic had tees.  They also had various hats, a backpack and various flocked figures.  Those flocked figures are cute, but not for me.

 I can’t believe the amount of different colors of flocked Domos.  Now that’s a stroke of marketing genius.  To have dozens and dozens of different styles and have them numbered and limited edition.  They’re rather pricey too.  The people that collect those are just suckers (in case you don’t catch it, that’s sarcasm).

Toys R Us had small plushes of Domo and his friends Tashana and My Usagi.

I resisted any urge to collect any of this.  I was only in it for the 6.5″ plush

Then one day, I was at Borders (tangent alert, I loved Borders.  It will always be my favorite book store.  Before the economy tanked I was there with my kids once a week.  We’d buy a few books and I’d get them drinks and snacks from the cafe) and I saw it.

   Limited edition Wolf Man Domo. 6.5″ plush.  But it was crazy expensive.  $12.99 or something.  I spent about an hour in the store trying to decide if I was going to buy it or not.

In the end, I bought it.

Then I went home and looked to see if there were more that I was missing.

I couldn’t find anything.  The whole marketing effort is a bit disjointed.  Really, the licensing rights seem to be split over several different companies and those companies’ websites aren’t geared toward individual consumer purchases; they’re meant for wholesale sales.

 Although I should never be encouraged in my strange collecting habits.  My oldest daughter, Thing 1, does it anyway.  She bought me this 30″ Domo for my birthday one year.  He is king of the Domo collection and as such he stays on my dresser in my bedroom.  There isn’t any room for him on top of my piano anyway.

And while with her, I found Nerd Domo at Spencers.  It was outrageous, $15 or something.  I’m so stupid, I bought it.  It’s at work with my 9″ regular Domo (that was a gift).

After I bought him, Thing 1 convinced me to do a photo booth session with him.  It’s hilarious and also at work (I’m not posting my picture here anyway).

But this started something more dangerous.  I found out that now there ARE more 6.5″ Domos.  It’s only Target isn’t carrying them anymore.

 Dino Domo  Cat Hat Domo
 Superhero Domo  Farting Domo
 Moustache Domo  Braces Domo
 Panda Domo  Teddy Bear Domo
 Pink Easter Bunny Domo  Pink Nerd Domo with Heart

Then, because my holiday collection must be complete, there’s a 9″ St. Patrick’s Day Domo that I must have.
The other day I had a coupon and a gift card for Barnes and Noble. I bought this. Mostly because I couldn’t resist Mr. Usagi. Who can resist a bunny with glasses?

There’s a small series of Domos made by a company called Nanco.  It seems that this company specializes in supplying toys to carnivals and such.  They make Domos in 7, 10, and 12.5″ and produce 4 Domos that I don’t have.  There’s a skeleton Domo, and 3 karate Domos.  The karate Domos come in a red, white, or black karate uniform. I don’t know if I need to add these Domos to my list, they have smooth fur unlike “true” Domos.  And they aren’t in the proper size.  So perhaps I only need the 10 new 6.5″ Domos and the St. Pat’s Domo.

I mean, really, I NEED these things.  How can I let these little guys be without their friends?


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