I Do My Thing

My favorite presents to buy are strange and unnecessary and fun.  So imagine how thrilled I was when I bought My First Bacon for someone (geez, I can’t wait to give that present.  so excited).  In fact, I was thinking I might need to befriend a pregnant woman so that I could give her My First Bacon for her child.  Really it’s brilliant.  The youtube video for this talking toy rules.

It used to be more difficult to find unusual odd gifts.  There was an awesome store in Collinwood that sold all sorts of odd stuff.  Best place to shop, ever! Unfortunately, it went out of business rather quickly.  It was a store full of useless, pretty things that were rather pricey.  It just couldn’t survive the economy.

Well, rather by accident I found a new place to buy useless stuff.  ThinkGeek.

For my brother, a Star Wars fanatic (the dude used to have a Christmas tree decorated entirely in Star Wars figures), I bought a Han Solo in Carbonite ice cube tray (it’s to go with a legitimate useful gift, I’m not that cheap).

For a coworker, also a big Star Wars fan, I got this:

For my son, The Monkey King, I got this:

We’re having a Zombie-themed birthday party for him.  With a zombie brain jello mold, felt  zombie plushes as party favors/decorations, and zombie brain cupcakes.  He’ll be 7.  He’s very excited.

I bought Dismember-Me Zombie Plush for a different coworker.  I should’ve bought one for The Monkey King also, but he’ll get some handmade (by mommy) zombies (and a cell phone).  I love this store.  I got a really cool personal guitar pick maker for my husband, hopefully he’s not reading this.  That is almost practical.  I know, I ruined everything by allowing a little practicality into things.

Anyway, when I received my first order from ThinkGeek, a catalog was in the box with my merchandise.  Even though I had initially found the website, being able to hold a catalog in my hand is so much better.  I must have read through that catalog 5 times. Every time I flipped through it, I would notice something that I hadn’t noticed the first time I had perused it.  I even took that catalog to work to show a few people some items that I thought would amuse them. Instead of just showing them the one item, I ended up going through the whole catalog with each person.  It ended up being at least a twenty minute conversation filled with laughter.  That silly catalog spread more joy.  It also caused me to place another order.  That catalog was a stinking awesome marketing tactic!

Even the darned shipping packaging is adorable.  Look:

Curse you, ThinkGeek!  I wish you weren’t located in Virginia.  I want to work for you.







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