Is It All Just Wasted Time

First, Merry Christmas!  My bread pudding is soaking up chocolate-y creamy goodness, my ham and root vegetables are cooking, my pasta sauce is simmering, my ricotta gnocchi are shaped and waiting to be boiled, my bread is baking, and my scalloped potatoes are all assembled and ready to pop in the oven.  The perfect time to take a break and share a little Christmas frustration.

I dislike wastefulness in general, but specifically wasteful packaging.   Although this is a year round annoyance, it’s especially obvious at Christmastime.  I’m used to the excessive packaging for toys, but my 6 pack of Puma athletic socks really blew my mind for excessive packaging.

Santa bought me a 6 pack of Puma athletic socks.  Each pair of socks was coupled with a metal clip at the toes.  That’s 6 little metal clips.  The socks were affixed to a plastic mini hanger thing.  It took 8 of those stupid plastic price tag fasteners to attach the socks to the hanger and each other.  The hanger was wrapped with a cardboard label.  And all of this was in a plastic bag! Can someone explain why all this packaging was necessary.  Not only is it wasteful, it’s obnoxious.  I don’t want to spend 10 minutes removing 6 pairs of socks from their packaging.  That’s ridiculous, and not in a good way.  Shame on you Puma.  I’m completely annoyed and will certainly hesitate before purchasing anything else stamped with the Puma name.

The other stand out for ridiculous packaging was Kohls.  We ordered a Cuisinart bread knife from  I received a massive box, at least 15 times the size of the knife.  This box was completely jammed with craft paper.  All this to ship a knife that was wrapped in a blister pack.  They could have shipped the blister pack in an envelope but some warehouse genius shipped it separate from the rest of my order in a box that could have contained my entire order 3 times!  Asinine.  Shame on you Kohls.

I do recycle.  I will even recycle the metal clips from my Puma socks.  But reducing is always better than recycling. I don’t want to have to recycle this nonsense.  It’s not enough.  Now, I’m going to get old and crotchety for a minute.  But only for a minute.

Our, and by our I mean everyone on this planet, resources are finite.  If every culture was as wasteful as ours, we would have already run out of everything we need.  Our disposable lifestyle is rather obscene.  I hate this.  I know that I am part of this problem,  this is part of my culture.  I can still be disgusted by it.

I did one thing this year to reduce.  Instead of buying some crappy toy that is destined to soon be broken and forgotten, or simply forgotten.  I gave my 4 youngest nieces and nephews savings bonds this year and I substantially reduced the amount of gifts my own kids received.  My kids still got/get loads of toys from their grandparents and uncles, but I limited my own participation in this bad idea.

Anyway, that is my only gripe today.  Too much stuff. In the middle of this orgy of packaging (that came from an orgy of gift giving), I spent time with people I love.   I have two more family holiday gatherings left.  I can’t wait.

Happy Christmas!


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