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Call Me Bubba

Speaking of Groupon…..

I bought a Groupon to this restaurant I have sort of wanted to try for some time now.  Bubba’s Q in Avon, Ohio.  So this past Tuesday, I grabbed the husband and the kids and we headed on out to use it.

I was all excited.  The kids were just hungry.

We got there and found out it was kids night.  At seven pm on a Tuesday night, we had to wait 30 minutes for a table.  Worse was that they quoted us a 5 minute wait when we walked in. Well, good for them for being busy.

When we finally were seated, it was the end of the rush.  Many tables cleared out not too long after we sat down.  The end result was that there were 4 waitresses for 8 tables of customers.  That should make for some pretty good service.  But not at Bubba Q’s.  It took a full 10 minutes to get fountain drinks.  10 minutes.

My older daughter, my husband and I ordered this shared barbeque platter that served 4.  My younger daughter, Thing 2, ordered an appetizer as her entree.  Only my littlest, the Monkey King, ordered an individual (kid’s) meal.

It took entirely too long to get our food.  The younger kids fared a bit better than Thing 1, my husband and I.  The waitress brought the nachos and kid’s meal out more than 10 minutes before the shared meal.  By this time, I was pretty hungry.  Watching the little ones each was rather difficult, but I was happy that someone was eating.

When the platter arrived, I was ravenous.  Unfortunately, we had never received silverware.  I had to ask for silverware (luckily, the little ones had ordered finger foods so they could eat, they just couldn’t wipe their mouths off) .  The waitress apologized, said she thought “they” had brought them out (the silverware) , then said it was her fault and went off to get us our silverware.

By now, I was completely annoyed, utterly horrified, and ready to shove my face in my plate.  And, I wish I were kidding, it took that waitress about 3 minutes to get back to us with the silverware.

Even worse, 5 minutes later, she had the nerve to bring us the check! She wasn’t going to hurry getting us served, but she sure wanted us to get the hell out of there once she had.  But then it took forever for her to come back to run my credit card and I had to ask for a box even though half the barbeque platter was left.

This was the worst service I can remember having in a long, long time.  I almost walked out several times.  But I was tired and it’s hard to usher 3 hungry kids out of a restaurant without feeding them first.

The worst part of the entire thing is, the food kind of sucked.  The brisket was bland.  It was like warmed cardboard, not tough just not interesting.  The beans were clearly out of a can, and not even a can of Bush’s.  They were like Campbells or something gross.  As my husband said, “What kind of barbeque place doesn’t have their own baked beans?”  The mac and cheese was ok and the cole slaw was good.  But the ribs were fatty and underdone.  My husband enjoyed the pulled pork, but I found it merely ok.   And the chicken was rather bland.  It also seemed odd that there was no cornbread.  A plate of any kind of barbeque should always be accompanied by good cornbread.  And the barbeque sauce itself  was rather bland.  I’d be much happier with some Sweet Baby Ray’s.

I guess I’m spoiled.  My husband makes excellent barbeque.  And sauce.  And all of the stuff I had at Bubba Q’s.  And I make amazing cornbread.

I must qualify all my harshness with the fact that the place was packed on a Tuesday evening.  A cold, crappy Tuesday evening.  So someone must like the place.  But the service was just the worst.

Ironically, when writing this post, I headed over to the Bubba Q’s website.  On the FAQs page it says this:

F.Y.I. the term tips means: To Insure Prompt Service

Well, that crap waitress got the worst tip I’ve given in, well, ever.  It was still better than 10%.  But seriously, I generally give a minimum of 20% and round up generously.

There isn’t a discount on the planet that would make me go back to this place.  Free wouldn’t even be an incentive.  I can’t believe anyone would put up with this terrible service.



So I bought this Groupon

About a eight months ago, I broke down and tried Groupon.    I watched and watched and was extremely skeptical.   But then I saw this Groupon for a really cheap mozzarella and ricotta cheese making kit.  I couldn’t resist.

The kit is advertised as everything one needs except the milk.  This is a good advertising slogan, but not really true.  If you’re interested in learning about the potential problem areas that first-time cheese makers might encounter when using a kit, scroll down and I’ll provide information about my encounter.

Well, I made my mozzarella.Step 1:

Here’s my milk.

Step 2:

Curds starting to form

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