Janie’s Got a Gun

I live about 40 miles from Chardon, Ohio.  I am so sad about what happened this past Monday morning.  I have school age children.  I do not want to imagine what this has done to those parents.

I cannot imagine being so angry, so hateful, so fucked up in the head that I would physically hurt someone else. I liked it better when kids just went off somewhere quiet and killed themselves.  Suicide is a really shitty choice, but at least the only one dying had a choice.

I talked to my kids about it.  My oldest was comforted by knowing details.  My middle child didn’t want to talk about it.  She acted like it anyway.  She listened closely though. My youngest didn’t understand it.  I’m glad.

I am sad and glad that I saw coverage of this deplorable event on foreign new sites (Corriere della Sera, Le Monde, Spiegel, etc.).  I am glad that an event like this is still shocking.  That this is still abnormal enough that it is reported.  And yet, the coverage removes the emotional part of the story, makes is less real, desensitizes us.

I was actually at an activity for one of my children Monday night (the day of the shootings).  Another parent came up to me and told me how the first child that died was related to someone he knew.  He was smiling.  I was totally disgusted.  This guy was explaining that he was somehow connected to this poor kid as though he was telling me how he once meet the president or something. Ugh. Deplorable.  Maybe someone should keep an eye on him.  He clearly lacks basic human compassion.

I think I want to keep my kids inside for a while.  Just to make me feel better.


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