Get Into My Car

Last night, Thing 1 borrowed my car for her date.

I’m not ready for my oldest to be this old.

I think that we’re past the age of driving as though she’s playing Mario Kart.  And she’s been in the car when her friends have had close calls because of distracted driving and didn’t like it.  So she leaves her phone alone while behind the wheel.

My biggest worry now is just her inexperience with all things cars.  I had to know how to change the oil.  She doesn’t know how to open the hood to check the oil.  I could change a tire, she doesn’t know how to check air pressure in the tire.

Before she was allowed to take the car, I made her add windshield wiper fluid.  I made her do everything from popping the hood (she referred to the hood release as a button, sigh) to locating and filling the reservoir.  She complained the whole time telling me she didn’t need to know this.  She is so changing the oil with mommy when it’s due.

But back to last night.  Thing 1 and the B.F. (boyfriend) went to see a movie at a local chi-chi “shopping destination”.  The phone rang at my house at the proper time for the movie to have let out.  It seems that she did something that caused the factory-installed alarm to go off.  She was in a crowded parking garage with my alarm going off. (This morning she told me that there were 6 cop and security cars driving like mad all over to locate the source of the alarm).

I have no idea why that stupid thing goes off.  The couple of times I’ve set it off, I hit the unlock button on my key fob and that solved the problem.  Unfortunately, Thing 1 has my valet key.  There are no buttons.  Somehow, she figured out how to get the alarm to shut off and she drove the B.F. home.

Apparently, when she turned off the car at the B.F.’s house, the alarm came back on.  And his parents came running out to figure out what was wrong.  She drove all the way back to our house with the alarm going off.

I know this is wrong, but as I heard her pull into the drive, I absolutely couldn’t stop laughing.  I ran to get my key and hit the unlock button.  But the entire time I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.  I can’t believe she didn’t get pulled over.  I can’t imagine how completely embarrassing and awful and LONG that drive must have been.  I would die.  And my poor little baby had to go through that.

I had to look sympathetic when she walked in; and I AM sympathetic. But damn, that is funny.

It’s going to be a long time before she asks to borrow my car again.


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