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I Want Manga Hair and Other Impossible Dreams

I love my blondie hair.  It’s medium long, down past my bra strap.  I’ve got tons of it, although the individual strands are rather fine, but there’s no worries of thinning.  It’s dyed but as healthy as dyed hair can be.

Regardless, I want manga girl hair.  I want hair that defies laws of physics. I want hair that floats out around me when I’m standing still; that moves in exactly the same way when I’m walking. I want hair down past my butt.  Hair that could only be replicated by using multiple wigs at once.

I want hair like Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic, two massive, pigtails with enormous spiral curls.


Himawari is the one on the right.

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Die, Zombie, Die

It’s been a while, but on April 29th, I participated in the 9th OSS (Old School Sinema) Cleveland Zombie Fest and Walk.  I have wanted to attend one of these for a long time.  I just had trouble finding someone who would go with me.

The event is used to solicit donations to the Cleveland Food Bank.  I get to support a worthy charity and I get to dress up like a zombie and walk around in public! That makes everybody a winner.

As goofy as I am, I lost a little bit of my nerve, walking from my car to the Five O’Clock lounge (the center of Zombie Walk).  I had just one friend, and what an up-for-anything, loyal friend his is, with me.  I felt awfully silly for about 2 blocks, carrying canned food.  But then we got close enough to see the crowd and I felt just fine.  Actually, we didn’t go nearly far enough with makeup or outfits.

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