I Want Manga Hair and Other Impossible Dreams

I love my blondie hair.  It’s medium long, down past my bra strap.  I’ve got tons of it, although the individual strands are rather fine, but there’s no worries of thinning.  It’s dyed but as healthy as dyed hair can be.

Regardless, I want manga girl hair.  I want hair that defies laws of physics. I want hair that floats out around me when I’m standing still; that moves in exactly the same way when I’m walking. I want hair down past my butt.  Hair that could only be replicated by using multiple wigs at once.

I want hair like Himawari Kunogi from xxxHolic, two massive, pigtails with enormous spiral curls.


Himawari is the one on the right.

I want hair like Dinah from Bizenghast (I know, I know, technically not manga because it’s American but whatevs).


I want hair like Shizuka Hio from Vampire Knight, long and straight and gray and gorgeous.


Heck, I’d take Sailor Moon hair, meatballs and all.  Ok, I’m lying.  But Sailor Venus’ hair is amazing.


I draw the line at meatballs as hair.

Alas, no matter how many volumizing, hydrating, deep treating, hair protecting, super secret serums and potions and fluff I apply, I still have my own hair.  I can change it’s color.  Well, when it’s not to fried to hold color I can change it’s color.  I can cut it shorter, I can never seem to get it to grow much longer than it is now.  It often looks fantastic without me having to do much of anything to it.  But it still doesn’t float around me.  It can’t make perfect spiral curls.  It sometimes frizzes when it’s too humid.

Oh well, I can want something and accept that I can’t have it. This will allow me to focus on my next desire:

Children who can change out empty toilet paper rolls.

The title did say impossible dreams.


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