Taste Spotting got me again.

Yesterday, I made 3 recipes I found through that blog.  The taste spotting people (person?) are (is?) EVIL!!!

I saw a recipe for Coconut Quinoa Pudding.  Now, I’m always trying to find easy ways to be just a little healthier.  When you read this recipe, you’ll see it’s not really healthy.  Coconut milk is really high in fat.  There is added sugar.  But quinoa is good food.  And I’m constantly trying to find new ways to use it.  I consider this more an indulgence and I won’t try to pretend that it’s truly in the “healthy foods” category.

I had to make some modifications to my recipe.  First, I used vanilla extract because I can very rarely find vanilla seed pods here.  I must not know where to look.  Maybe I’ll just try growing the blasted orchids myself, than I can have all the pods.  Amazon sells them.  Look.

Anyway.  It also took a bit longer than the 30 minutes to cook to a thick enough consistency. I loved the method for toasting the coconut.  I always put it in the oven and burn it.  I never catch it in time.  It never occurred to me to use a frying pan.  I have a lovely container of toasted coconut.  I didn’t add the cinnamon to the pan.  I added it to the tupperware, put on the lid, and shook it to distribute it more evenly.  Worked perfectly.

The texture was a bit off-putting initially.  It’s not quite tapioca or rice pudding.  But once I got used to the texture, I had to force myself to stop eating. And, lucky me, no one else in my house likes vanilla or rice pudding.  So, it’s all mine, mine, MINE!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!


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