Say Cheese

Yesterday really was a very busy day in my kitchen.  I broke out a recipe called cheese pops.  They are little cheesey biscuit-y cracker things.  And they are delightful.

Now my skills at making things perfectly any shape, well, are undeveloped.  We’ll call my foodstuffs artisan because they are handcrafted in small batches.  And, although artisan generally meant beautiful, lovely things, sometimes it also means a delicious, less then symmetrical loaf of bread or some rustic looking something.

I need like a round dough form or something.  Like the opposite of a cannoli form. I can push my dough inside so it’ll be perfectly round and uniform and use a playdough device to push it through once it hardens.

Anyway, the recipe says to make 1″ diameter logs.  I would advice using a larger diameter.   Also, based on the pictures in the recipe, the length of the dough logs versus the diameter indicates that perhaps a diameter closer to 1.5-2″ was used.  It’s much easier to get a uniform log at a larger diameter.  Next time, I will use a 2″ diameter for my dough logs.

Also, I used whole wheat flour rather than white. It’s a bit healthier, and considering how guilty these are, that bit is appreciated.

Stick with about a 1/4″ slice for your refrigerator-firmed dough.  It makes a ton of  “pops”.

I don’t have an after picture, because they disappeared the moment I took them out of the oven.  They are that good. My kids are plotting the next batch.


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