Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme

Yeah, I didn’t use any of those things.  But I did whip up some lovely steak sandwiches.

Some days I just need a quick dinner for my family. With a little bit of prep work, it’s easy to get a yummy meal on the table in a hurry.

Tuesday, I had 45 minutes between picking my kids up from summer camp, cooking, feeding kids and myself, getting a kid ready for her softball game, packing the car with team snacks and softball gear, and walking out the door.

The night before, I sliced an onion and a bunch of baby portabella mushrooms.  I also made a side dish but I could have just as easily thrown in a bag of frozen fries and/or some vegetables (fresh or frozen).   When we’re in a hurry, frozen side dishes are an absolutely acceptable option.

I also defrosted some steaks.  For 6 steaks, I used 2 packages of beef round braciole.  See below.

ImageWhen I got home, I used a mallet to flatten out the steaks.


Then I pan fried them.

While the steaks were browning, I sauteed the mushrooms and onions.


Next I opened some steak rolls/hoagie buns


and laid them out on a cookie sheet.


next I layered steak on all the rolls and sauteed mushrooms and onions on mine, as the kids don’t like the vegetables, and cheese on all of them


A few minutes under the broiler and I had this


My kids love them.  So do I.  They are so easy to make and so yummy.  The Monkey King loves Miracle Whip on his.  I like A1.  Thing 2 prefers ketchup.

My side dish was mushroom barley risotto.  I found my inspiration in this recipe but didn’t follow it.  It was just my inspiration.


I used baby portabella mushrooms instead of the porcini mushrooms.  I used Olivio rather than butter. Instead of dry white wine, I used cooking rice wine. Instead of vegetable stock, I used water and a few tablespoons of Minor’s beef soup base.  And instead of Boursin cheese, I used Beemster XO.  I didn’t change the ingredients just to change them, I did it to use what I had on hand.  I was fortunate that the switches I made helped match the side dish better with my steak sandwiches.

Neither kid wanted to try the barley, but they did because they had to in order to get a steak sandwich.  Unsurprisingly, Thing 2 didn’t like it.  the Monkey King did though.

Hope you found some inspiration in my little dinner.


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