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In My House

In my house, Sundays are for cooking. But cooking in my house is not merely cooking. During cooking, I also am collecting scraps for composting and empty containers for recycling. And this past Sunday, during cooking, I found a lost dog, returned him to his owner, and even changed the water in my fish tank. It was a busy day. And, except for the whole lost dog thing, it all fits in with my normal view that cooking, composting, and recycling all go together.

I started out by pulling all my fresh vegetables. Currently, I have mostly root vegetables. This is how my kitchen table normally looks when I’m doing the cooking for a few days:

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Banana Fanana Fo Fanna

I made muffins yesterday.  Banana Bran Muffins with Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter Swirl.  They sound decadent, mostly because of the amount of words in the name – it’s like a Fiona Apple Album Title.  But I didn’t name the muffins, nor did I name Fiona Apple’s albums,  so please don’t accuse me of being condescending (that’s a silly joke for those of you who remember Fiona Apple and not a slight to the person who provided the lovely recipe).

The recipe is here and I’ll just note the changes I made.

before cooking – batter is very thick

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Public Pervert

I sometimes like to look at my blog stats.  What is generally more interesting than the numbers of readers is the search engine term that got them to view my blog.

I’m always surprised that the most frequent searches all have to do with Pin Up Girl Clothing.  I’ve only one post that mentions that website/store.   It’s one of my silly “Christmas List” posts.  I will write a post with an insanely greedy, very long list of things that my husband/santa should bring me.  There are a couple of dresses listed.  The funniest thing is that I don’t even own anything from Pin Up Girl Clothing.  I would love too, but I am unsure about buying such expensive dresses without being able to try them on.  It’s fine for me to buy online form Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, Forever 21, Old Navy, or even Macy’s where I know my size or where I know the clothes are forgiving enough because of the cut or the fabric.   The stuff at Pin Up Girl Clothing actually has zippers in the dresses and real fabric without stretch.  It’s gorgeous.

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They’re Nutty for Nutella

I wrote about making nutella popsicles last week. My kids liked them so much, they wanted to serve them at last night, at Thing 2′ s sleepover.
What I didn’t mention the first time through is that I don’t have popsicle molds. When I made then the first time, I used some paper cups left over from a long ago birthday party. For sticks, I twist tied a bunch of coffee stirrers. while that was fine for us, I’m not serving stuff that way for guests, even if the guests are just tweenaged girls.
This past week we visited many stores looking for popsicle molds: Target, Walmart, the Dollar Store. Giant Eagle, GFS, and Party City.  We had no luck. Thursday night, the night before the party, at 8 pm while trolling through Party City, I found these:


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Come on In and Pull Yourself Up a Chair

I have really been having fun trying some new recipes lately (many of my adventures in cooking have been chronicled in this very blog).  This weekend was a bit slow on the cooking time, but I did learn a few new tricks.

Saturday was my day for play in the kitchen this week.  I made pickled red onions, nutella popsicles,these grilled vegetables “stacks”,  and homemade tater tots.

First, the pickled red onions.  I can’t remember where I found the recipe, darn it, or I would provide the link.   I printed it out and I recycled it without saving a copy.  Oh NO!!!
Instead, here’s  what I did:

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I Ain’t Superstitious

My son is 7 and he’s terrified of being in any part of the house by himself.  If we’re upstairs, he won’t go downstairs.  If we’re downstairs, he won’t go upstairs.  It’s bad.  If he’s upstairs with just one other person, he won’t let that person go to the bathroom without him.  He’s a giant chicken.  He’ll scream and cry and generally act like a toddler.

We live in a modern split level.  We have no basement.  You’re never that far from anywhere else in this house.  It’s just not that big.  It would be different if we had a giant sprawling home or some old house that made tons of noises.

My husband sat our boy down and had a serious talk with him about why he is scared.  The Monkey King cited a commercial he saw about the Long Island Serial Killer.  I have no idea what this is or where my son saw it.  Obviously, I know what a serial killer is and I know where Long Island is.  I just don’t know any details, nor do I want to.

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