It’s Not Easy Being Green

I liked to recycle before recycling was cool.  At my first real job (not babysitting, not working as a maid for a family business), I was appalled by how much cardboard waste we generated and attempted to get a recycling program started.  In the end, the company wouldn’t pay for the pickup service but I am glad I tried.

Before we had curbside cardboard and magazine recycling, my family collected our cardboard and magazines and I would bike it up to my nearest recycling center.

Now, we have curbside recycling.  That’s so cool.  I wish however, we had to sort it ourselves instead of using single stream collection.  I recognize, however, that for maximum participation the program needs to be as simple as possible.  It’s an education period certainly for all the people who have never recycled before.

This morning, I was looking at our household’s recycle bank account.  I almost never log onto this site.  I recycle anyway, I really don’t need incentives to do so.  But I was looking at the account and clicked “earn more points” and there are recycling ideas and information.  By looking at the information, you get more points.

Well, Kashi suggests using an old cereal box for a wedding invitation, a diploma or a birth certificate.  They don’t give any more information than that.  I can see using an old cereal box as backing for things.  And old, flat pieces of cardboard are a valuable commodity when making craft projects.

Here’s a really cool use for an old cereal box: magazine holder.  It may be that Kashi boxes are too small to be effective in this role.  We have a bulk size cereal box that we cut to hold old comic books.  It’s perfect.

Every Saint Nicolas Day, we make these paper shoes.  My new goal is to make them completely out of old packaging.  I must have been inspired by my grandmother’s tales of the Depression.  About stories of all their undergarments, all 9 kids, made from the cloth used to hold the sacks of flour.

For now, my underthings are still going to be store-bought, but I can at least reuse stuff to make my paper shoes.


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