Don’t Speak

Do you ever have an experience that leaves you shaking your head?

The other day (3 weeks ago) I was innocently sitting in my office a little after my normal hours when a colleague from another department walked by.  After realizing that I was still in my office, my colleague, let’s call him Talky, stopped to talk to me.

We exchanged pleasantries and then he felt compelled to tell me that he’d come down to use my mens’ room.  Why, why, why did Talky need to tell me this?  What did he want from me?  What was the motivation to share this with me?  But wa-wa-wa-wait it gets worse.

Then he tells me that he’s brought a magazine.  You know, for his trip to the restroom.  “You know how men are, we have to have our magazine”.  And he shows me the magazine.  Again, why!?!?!?  What did I ever do to you?

Then, because he’s a safety guy with my company, he proceeds to tell me that the magazine is a a safety magazine.

In my head, the entire time, I was screaming “STOP”!  Now every time I see Talky, I can only think about him coming to my department to poop.  Oh, and now I’m afraid to touch our safety magazines.  Ugh.  He could of just walked by.  Why, why did he need to stop and talk to me?  And then, why did he keep on talking?

When in doubt, SHUT UP!!!!

Thanks for listening.


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