I hate excess packaging.  Today I’m calling out Schick for its Intuition razor blades packaging (although I could also call Schick out on the price of its Intuition blades.  $12.09 for 3 blades?  That’s insane.  That’s also why I use them for a month or more each, and I shave every morning.)

Each blade is packaged in a plastic container then several plastic containers are wrapped with thick plastic wrap.  This is then packaged in cardboard.

The plastic containers are so heavy.  Look:

Seven grams of number 5 plastic for each refill blade.  They are only supposed to last as long as the soap.  For me that’s only two weeks.  As I said before, I shave every day because I wear dresses or skirts every day.

I feel so guilty using something wrapped in excessive packaging.  I try to save things to reuse them.  It helps that I make jewelry.  I reuse all sorts of containers for bead, jump ring storage.  But there’s only so many things I can reuse.

This morning I changed my Intuition blade. I decided today that I would see how much plastic was used for the blade container and I would then find a use for this container.  You can see the weight of the plastic above.  And here is how I decided to reuse my container:  a coin “purse”.  I keep change for the vending machine in my desk.  I usually just throw it in the pen/pencil tray.  But now, I’ve put it all in my Intuition container which sits in the top drawer.


That’s my reuse tip of the day.  I can also see it used for pencil erasers in a child’s art bag, a bead container, a pill box for when one is traveling, a screw/nut/bolt/washer container,a place to keep seeds.  I’m sure I could come up with more ideas.  What are yours?


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