That’s My Boy

I’m not a natural blonde, but I play one on tv.  My hairdresser is my aunt who isn’t really my aunt.  She’s a second cousin who is also my godmother.  I call her aunt out of respect.  Because of our crazy schedules, I’m lucky to see her every 8 weeks.

My son, The Monkey King, hates when my roots show.  When he was younger he would see my dark, dark roots, and ask me what was on my head.  Then, when I explained that my hair was growing in and needed to be dyed again, he would ask me when I was going to “take care of that”.

For Mothers’ Day, my son drew me a card with two people on it.  One had a brown mohawk and one had a black mohawk.  I love when my son draws people.  They are still stick figures with giant heads and giant eyes.  Since the Monkey King has a mohawk, he draws himself with a little tuft of hair on the top of his head.  But I had to wonder who had the black mohawk.  And why did this person make it onto MY mothers’ day card.

As I looked at the picture further, I realized that the black-mohawked person didn’t really have a mohawk.  This person actually had long, golden, flowing locks.  My son drew me with roots!!!!!!  I’m so proud of his realistic artwork but was it necessary to use my Mothers’ Day card to give me the hint that I was overdue for a touch up?

He is certainly my child, what with the (unintentional?) ball-busting.


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