Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon

I was out shopping for a present and saw this:

I love beer; I love doughnuts (but rarely, rarely indulge); I’m from Ohio, we know maple syrup; and everybody loves bacon.  How could this be wrong?  How could this be not at least worth a try?

It’s expensive, $11.99 + tax per 750 mL bottle.

It’s looks pretty, see:

But, how does it taste, you ask?

My husband swears he tastes maple, but the taste only lasts a moment before everything is overpowered by the bacon. He’s partly right, everything is overpowered.  However, the taste isn’t bacon, it’s smoke.

There is a general sweetness, but I can’t identify it, strictly speaking, as maple or doughnut.  It’s thick and sweet and not unpleasant.  But it’s a definitely a sipping beer.  And it’s definitely something I don’t need to try again.  If I’m going to buy expensive, sweet, sipping beer I’m heading for Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van de Keizer Blauw or Southern Tier Creme Brulee Imperial Milk Stout.

I personally don’t think these things: doughnuts, bacon, maple, and ale go together.  At least, they don’t go together in the same glass.  My husband suggested a beer and a BLT.  I am think a breakfast consisting of a maple doughnut, several strips of bacon, and a good beer.  I mean, that’s how I start my morning.


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