They’re Nutty for Nutella

I wrote about making nutella popsicles last week. My kids liked them so much, they wanted to serve them at last night, at Thing 2′ s sleepover.
What I didn’t mention the first time through is that I don’t have popsicle molds. When I made then the first time, I used some paper cups left over from a long ago birthday party. For sticks, I twist tied a bunch of coffee stirrers. while that was fine for us, I’m not serving stuff that way for guests, even if the guests are just tweenaged girls.
This past week we visited many stores looking for popsicle molds: Target, Walmart, the Dollar Store. Giant Eagle, GFS, and Party City.  We had no luck. Thursday night, the night before the party, at 8 pm while trolling through Party City, I found these:


I asked Thing 2 if she would object to me making Nutella popsicle shots. She thought that was cool.
She didn’t think we needed sticks. I somewhat agreed but I wasn’t ready to quite give up on the idea of popsicle molds so we continued searching up& down aisles. Just as I was about to pack it in, I found these:


They are just wide enough to be popsicle sticks for shot glass popsicles!

When we got home, we whipped up several batches of nutella popsicle mix.  Rather, I made Thing 1 and Thing 2 do this. Then I got out some rubbermaid containers that were taller than the shot glasses.  The girls put shot glasses in each rubbermaid container, ours comfortably fit 10 shot glasses, and filled them.
Next we covered containers with plastic wrap& used a large rubber band to secure the plastic wrap. Then, it was time to insert the bamboo forks.  Before we put the popsicles in the freezer, they looked like this:


Last night, when we started serving, they looked like this:


And then the looked like this:


The 6 girls ate forty popsicles!  I’d say that makes them a hit. They want the recipe too!


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