Public Pervert

I sometimes like to look at my blog stats.  What is generally more interesting than the numbers of readers is the search engine term that got them to view my blog.

I’m always surprised that the most frequent searches all have to do with Pin Up Girl Clothing.  I’ve only one post that mentions that website/store.   It’s one of my silly “Christmas List” posts.  I will write a post with an insanely greedy, very long list of things that my husband/santa should bring me.  There are a couple of dresses listed.  The funniest thing is that I don’t even own anything from Pin Up Girl Clothing.  I would love too, but I am unsure about buying such expensive dresses without being able to try them on.  It’s fine for me to buy online form Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, Forever 21, Old Navy, or even Macy’s where I know my size or where I know the clothes are forgiving enough because of the cut or the fabric.   The stuff at Pin Up Girl Clothing actually has zippers in the dresses and real fabric without stretch.  It’s gorgeous.

Maybe after I complete P90X, which looks like it will be more like P135X because I have children and a full time job and am also training for a half marathon, I will treat myself to a Pin Up Girl Clothing purchase.  So pretty pretty.  I mean look at this dress (I’d do a screen capture but I’m bring lazy).

Sorry, that was a complete tangent.  Beautiful, sparkly, girlie things distract me.

Where was I?  Oh, search engine terms.   This morning, when I logged into wordpress to check my stats, the first search engine term, the most recent search that resulted in a blog hit was this:

hello kitty domo sex

WTF WTF? WTF?!?!?  It’s Sunday morning you sick sick bastards.

Wait.  Maybe I’m being the perv.  Perhaps the person just wanted to know what gender both Hello Kitty and Domo are?

Let’s look at some other terms people have used to find my site.



No,  I’m not the perverted one.

Masturbating in Hello Kitty panties?  That’s the search term used and it found my blog? There is nothing here even remotely like that.


I need to stop reading my stats page.



3 thoughts on “Public Pervert

    • Domo is a character. I collect Domo dolls. It is Japanese, he is the mascot for Japan’s NHK tv.

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