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You Give Me Fever

Alright.  It’s not a fever.  It’s an allergic reaction but you try coming up with a song title or lyrics that are applicable!

This year my allergies are crazy bad.  Like I want to scratch my eyes out of my head bad or the inside of my throat is insanely itchy.  I took a run during Thing 2’s softball practice and the skin from my chin to my knees ended up all red and swollen.  It triggered an asthma attack.  Thank goodness I had my rescue inhaler in the car.  I was running sidewalks not through an overgrown field.  I have no idea what caused that reaction.  It was a bit frightening.  I will never run without my Road ID again.  I wish my rescue inhaler fit in the key pouch in my running shorts.

I should make running shorts with a rescue inhaler pouch.  I’ll have a potential market of literally tens of people.

I already run Hepa filters in my house 24 hours a day.  One in the family room and one in my bedroom.  The cat is not allowed in the bedroom.  We wash our bedding frequently.  We have a vacuum with a Hepa filter.  I spray the cat with Allerpet.

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That’s My Boy

I’m not a natural blonde, but I play one on tv.  My hairdresser is my aunt who isn’t really my aunt.  She’s a second cousin who is also my godmother.  I call her aunt out of respect.  Because of our crazy schedules, I’m lucky to see her every 8 weeks.

My son, The Monkey King, hates when my roots show.  When he was younger he would see my dark, dark roots, and ask me what was on my head.  Then, when I explained that my hair was growing in and needed to be dyed again, he would ask me when I was going to “take care of that”.

For Mothers’ Day, my son drew me a card with two people on it.  One had a brown mohawk and one had a black mohawk.  I love when my son draws people.  They are still stick figures with giant heads and giant eyes.  Since the Monkey King has a mohawk, he draws himself with a little tuft of hair on the top of his head.  But I had to wonder who had the black mohawk.  And why did this person make it onto MY mothers’ day card.

As I looked at the picture further, I realized that the black-mohawked person didn’t really have a mohawk.  This person actually had long, golden, flowing locks.  My son drew me with roots!!!!!!  I’m so proud of his realistic artwork but was it necessary to use my Mothers’ Day card to give me the hint that I was overdue for a touch up?

He is certainly my child, what with the (unintentional?) ball-busting.

Going the Distance

My brother just finished his first round of P90X.  I have talked to many people who have purchased it, but know few that have followed it as prescribed.

I expressed interest in trying it, so, as a gift, just before my birthday, he sent me my very own p90x kit.

I opened the box looked at all the print material and the instruction DVD and wondered what in the hell I had wished upon myself.  I still haven’t lost the 15 pounds I gained last summer.  Ugh.  I haven’t been taking my 20+ bike rides at least once a week like was my previous habit.  I love that habit.  I stopped weight training.  I stopped most outdoor running.  It’s all I can do to force myself to run on the treadmill for 30-60 minutes or go for an hour-long bike ride.  And lately I’ve been biking with my husband.  He prefers a slower, fat-burning pace to my cardio pace.

So, I let the kit sit there; pretended I couldn’t see it.  It is true that time was a small factor.  There are music lessons, softball/baseball games, and sports practices and lessons for the two younger kids.  But I still found time to watch tv every night.  I was afraid that I’d start the program and it would be so crazy hard that I couldn’t perform.

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I hate excess packaging.  Today I’m calling out Schick for its Intuition razor blades packaging (although I could also call Schick out on the price of its Intuition blades.  $12.09 for 3 blades?  That’s insane.  That’s also why I use them for a month or more each, and I shave every morning.)

Each blade is packaged in a plastic container then several plastic containers are wrapped with thick plastic wrap.  This is then packaged in cardboard.

The plastic containers are so heavy.  Look:

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Don’t Speak

Do you ever have an experience that leaves you shaking your head?

The other day (3 weeks ago) I was innocently sitting in my office a little after my normal hours when a colleague from another department walked by.  After realizing that I was still in my office, my colleague, let’s call him Talky, stopped to talk to me.

We exchanged pleasantries and then he felt compelled to tell me that he’d come down to use my mens’ room.  Why, why, why did Talky need to tell me this?  What did he want from me?  What was the motivation to share this with me?  But wa-wa-wa-wait it gets worse.

Then he tells me that he’s brought a magazine.  You know, for his trip to the restroom.  “You know how men are, we have to have our magazine”.  And he shows me the magazine.  Again, why!?!?!?  What did I ever do to you?

Then, because he’s a safety guy with my company, he proceeds to tell me that the magazine is a a safety magazine.

In my head, the entire time, I was screaming “STOP”!  Now every time I see Talky, I can only think about him coming to my department to poop.  Oh, and now I’m afraid to touch our safety magazines.  Ugh.  He could of just walked by.  Why, why did he need to stop and talk to me?  And then, why did he keep on talking?

When in doubt, SHUT UP!!!!

Thanks for listening.

China Grove

Today was Asian fiesta. Yeah, I know. We have Mexican fiesta nights so I call all my ethnic cooking marathons fiesta night regardless of the ethnicity.

Since I have to cut up many of the same ingredients and use many of the same tools, I might as well make a bunch of different Asian foods at once. We made rice paper rolls (aka summer rolls aka goi cuon), maki rolls, and onigiri. If you’d like to play along at home, here’s what you’ll need:

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Perfect Teeth

Ah, dentistry and orthodontistry.  How I hate you.

When my oldest was about 7 or 8, her pediatric dentist started telling us we needed to get her a palate expander because her mouth was too small.  She proceeded to examine my and my husband’s mouth and said that Thing 1’s crossbite must have been inherited from my husband, who, she proclaimed, had a crossbite on both sides.  What does that even mean?  She recommended an orthodontist, whom we later found out was her ex-husband, and we agreed to go see him.

The orthodontist office should have made me run.  The main treatment room was a big open area with at least a half dozen exam chairs.  There were a few private exam rooms off of this area.  There was loud music thumping throughout.  It was completely unhygienic (the open treatment area and the country music) and unprofessional.

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